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  1. Under the present regime it should be your duty to avoid paying tax at all costs. there should be no idea of playing fair anymore. The game is completely rigged to the less productive in society.
  2. Half a car PCP leasing came in with Ford in 1991 in the UK. I was at the original training.It was like dealing with the Church of Scientology.
  3. Galway has for a long time been the centre of "alternative lifestyles" and welcomed "blow ins" as they are called.
  4. But but..Tony Blair said that if you were a working class mong you only had yourself to blame for your cr*p job and cr*p pay because you didn't get an education.
  5. Busy lecturing the plebs the other day that they should stop moaning about their falling wages and get an education.A bit like blaming a rape victim.
  6. Hifx. Passport copy and bank details. Done about 30k this year no probs. I'll be doing one today (sun)and it'll be sorted by Wed.
  7. get rid of the licence inspectors trying to prove usage and linking the fee to a database with auto charging.
  8. Got some unavailable and replacement products from Morrisons home delivery this w/e (unusual). Gave up with Asda,half the shop was replacements. However Morrisons gave us a £10 voucher for our trouble.
  9. Not really shrinkflation. But I travel a lot and tend to use Mcd's as a de facto service station these days. The amount of of times I ask for a large latte and it's 3/4 full is getting beyond a joke now. I do pull them on it.
  10. I bought an item on that basis with a price guarantee until about 2nd week jan to cover any price drops in the sales locally.
  11. they keep on informing me that the printer I'm buying doesn't have a USB lead and I need to buy one . Nearly always does have one.
  12. Customers felt they weren't getting value for money.
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