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  1. Meanwhile lenders will lend more money than every before and consumer debt will rise...
  2. There is clearly some agenda that they don't want interest rates to rise, they claim low interest rates will boost the economy but I fail to see how propping up businesses with consumer debt through loans and credit cards is going to help anybody. Clearly a rational person would be able to see over years of them reducing the interest rates and nothing positive happening that something needs to be done differently.
  3. The rentable value of business is related to the rentable value of houses, if one is through the roof then the other is likely to follow, combine this with rates, minimum wage and utility costs this poses a problem for businesses big and small, a lot of big chains with retail stores don't pay much and will keep the staff to the minimum. The high overheads mean that people will be paying higher prices as the shops simply can not compete with online sales, the extra price you pay is for convenience/urgency factor even if it might not be convenient if you have to pay for parking etc. I have
  4. Reminder to anyone struggling to pay bills, pay your council tax first as this is the only bill that can result in a jail sentence...
  5. Ah, nice to meet another like minded individual! People get so used to an illusion they think its real!
  6. The sad fact is that the decision to increase production probably ends up in a couple of people's decisions, these people probably don't understand that if people have to choose between buying a car or supplying food to their family that they'll be going for the latter option!
  7. If people have to choose between buying a car or having food it becomes a no brainer! I don't like to see people out of a job but if they are just wasting money in the car industry surely it would be more efficient to put the money into something worthwhile than might actually help people. There are enough cars in the UK, just because people are used to big time car production doesn't mean it has to continue at the same rate.........
  8. Its all good until the prices fall and the house is in negative equity even with the free loan!
  9. Yes they believe the hype but when their property is still for sale it doesn't really help anybody....
  10. If you made the offer and tried to change it no wonder they pulled out... I think they have done you a favour, not a good time to buy rather rent or live in a hotel motel
  11. I'm all for good business that offer value or something that provides a good service but what I have been seeing is business that have no grounding or anything of value coming from no where with no real business plan. If its a good business plan then it should work regardless of the climate, if its crap then its not going to survive...
  12. He has a lot of testimonials for a website being up for only 13 days ...
  13. Sounds like a good feasable plan and I think when hotels are cheaper than renting or buying a house that something needs to crash... You could try taking protein shakes as a meal alternative but there are always healthy options out there even if you do eat out, I think eating out will be a chance for you to get out of the room anyway...
  14. It is in a persons DNA to reproduce and although on a concious level some people may say they do not children, unconciously everyone wants to reproduce!
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