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  1. Rather that than a Nuke anyday This is very old news btw, over a year in fact.
  2. The global economy is valued at 57 trillion dollars. Out in the world now there is 80 trillion is CDO's / CDS's Lehman went down and took Iceland down. The whole world will probably be next. The USA can't default due to it's position of currency, they'll just print an inflate. Uk is next in the firing line, but probably the EU will bite. Would be interesting to see how Asia handles this though.
  3. T-i-m-b-e-rrrrrr! Oct. 8 (Bloomberg) -- Iceland's krona was priced at almost 50 percent below the peg against the euro set by the central bank yesterday to stabilize the currency as regulators said they took control of Glitnir Bank hf, the country's No. 3 lender. Nordea Bank AB, the biggest Scandinavian lender, said the price suggested by bid/ask spreads in pre-market trading was 255 per euro, compared with the 131 per euro level established by the central bank yesterday. There had been no buying of the krona to support the peg by the central bank, Nordea said. ``It's looking very gloomy
  4. This still doesn't make banks trust each other Just makes it worse. Why today when they could of cut tomorrow. Something really bad is coming.
  5. I transferred my last £3500 last week, left yesterday.
  6. The company that runs it have major funding issues I got offered a job with them with the view to move into the South East...that was well over a year ago. The view was to have a panel in the front of every store with a touch screen on, each unit would cost 8k. They have been unable to secure funding and I never did start for them. They ended up telling those they offered contract to to take on another job. It's not ASDA per say, there is a group of blokes using ASDA as a front.... nothing more.
  7. I'd change your cash for something physical if that's possible. Fannie and Freddie going kaput could have implications none of us can fathom. Nuclear war being one of them. Already you can see stock market behaviour becoming erratic, less uniform and less guided. Chances are mass panic will hit the markets in the next couple of weeks.
  8. I looked on Yahoo and the shares were in a flat line...hence the assumption.
  9. I remember several years ago, around 2002 that the FTSE was at 3500, looking at todays number that doesn't seem that far off now. How low can she go before a new bull market? I'd say 3000, what do you think?
  10. But great big bugs and spiders no doubt.
  11. Let's not forget the markets in the US are closed on Friday, a lot of protective trades happening tomorrow over there.
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