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  1. The air quality in UK cities, while not as bad as China is still pretty toxic. It is strange how we seem to ignore it over here, maybe because it is not visible. I wonder if people would drive quite as much if they realised the extent of the health implications?
  2. 2% if im lucky. I am never going to make the average wage at this rate I might soon get down to the minimum wage.
  3. These tossers should be shot. They would sue if they had been given methadone as the government would have been contributing to their poisoning. Jesus, the only way to give up that shit is to give it up. Soon they will sue becuse it is against thei human rights to be locked up in prison.
  4. They are still trying it on though! Sold for 242K 29th July 2005 Up for 290K!!!!!! http://www.andrewsonline.co.uk/buyers/prop...ls.asp?id=27437 A few are at least going stc in bs36 bs16 where I look most of the time. A few things that have been sat around seem to be sold, but I am waiting to see (hoping) they come back on.
  5. In theory if I earnt real money rather than the peanuts they give me each month I would look at 2010-11 if money was the only consideration, but a bit earlier for the sake of having a place to call my own. In practice I am at the mercy of my rich girlfriend If she chucks me in I will have a look around to see which countries look nice and will let me in. Somewhere wth good cycling perhaps. Like homealone 3.5x is not ever going to be enough for me on my own. edit: my stupid fat fingers mess up my splling agin
  6. It will be a shame not to have a HPC secret agent anymore I am glad you have one last load of info for us though. Keep us posted. Is there anymore info on your ex house?? I see it has not one stc on rightmove yet
  7. I will never understand why we do not have more. What were they thinking in selling them off in the first place? Algor: Cool pooch. I want a ridgeback when I grow up.
  8. I have a resident LL who seems a good bloke another house mate and a labrador living with me. Costs 200pcm which is very cheap for bristol. The bonus is the lack of bills or council tax. Na thats a lie. The real bonus is the dog, he is great
  9. Cheers. Lets face it, the fumes arte not going to stop me. (I have just bought another bike since my last post)
  10. I would be past caring except that friends are buying or have bought recently which still really makes me mad. They are not greedy or stupid, infact the guy I know who is buying now is a real star. And there is a good chance he is gonna be pretty screwed soon.
  11. Hi Mark do you have a source of that study please. I would like to know what the crap is in those bus/lorry fumes and wheter the pollution masks are effective Cheers
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