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  1. £95k / 10% drop in the first 5 months of advertising in Birmingham: https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/82123117#/ Price Change History 05/01/2021 Price Changed: £825,000 £800,000 11/09/2020 Price Changed: £845,000 £825,000 04/08/2020 Price Changed: £895,000 £845,000 14/07/2020 Initial entry found. Being listed with another agent now too.
  2. I've tried again @GettingBoredand it appears as the button was taking so long to load, that I assumed it wasn't where I thought it would be. It takes quite a while for the button to appear, but once it did, it did indeed take me to your PayPal page. Oh and you're very very welcome 🙌 I do think you should mention how much it costs you to run the server on that page. Or consider some form of monthly pop-up for those using the extension, to thank people for their continued use and to quietly draw their attention to the server costs and the fact you're funding it out of your own pocket.
  3. @GettingBoredFYI the donate button on the relevant page of your website doesn't appear to be working. Was able to donate via the link to your PayPal page from the house button in the extension bar though 🤑
  4. *BUMP* Downloaded in the last few days and already making for interesting reading on rightmove. Thanks, @GettingBored for all your hard work and @TheCountOfNowherefor the heads-up.
  5. Bit late coming back to this, but installed it the other day and been having the odd look around where I used to live in Londump. Seeing the asking price on this drop from £400k to £300k in two months brought a smile to my face: 1 bed flat in St George's Road, Borough Just made donation to it to keep the good news coming 🤑
  6. Are you using property-bee on an old version of Firefox?
  7. I hate Adam Curtis. What felt like weeks of him sat behind me in an edit suite with the door open tweaking with a sequence of some woman sobbing over some music or other is enough to drive a man to drink. And he did!
  8. As someone who was working at CBBC when the move to Salford for that department first became knowledge, I can confirm that's exactly what staffers were offered. If only they hadn't shut all the regional studios already, then this mass move to another site might not be necessary.
  9. It only takes one idiot with money to burn and while at the time I was glad to shift my flat as quickly as I did and be out of SE1, I now regret not sticking it on for 10% more. I suspect even at that, someone would have bitten and I wouldn't have the feeling that the EA had done a deal all along with the eventual purchaser.
  10. Went to my local Odeon yesterday afternoon, just before 4pm and prices changed to their 'peak' levels. What surprised me most was that of the 3 couples in the queue in front of me, every single one of them paid full price, despite it being "Orange Wednesday" (and everyone must know someone on Orange who could get the text ticket for them and send it on) and that Odeon themselves are doing a 40% discount until the end of March. Although the latter isn't advertised on their site at the moment, I'm pretty sure it was and that I was notified of it by them in their own weekly email. Odeon seem to be at the more expensive end of the cinema spectrum from local experience and I only went there because of the discount and the fact I can walk there in 5 minutes. If the missus had been coming too, it would have been Empire in High Wycombe (15 minute drive) on a Tuesday or Thursday for £3.95 Some people just don't seem that bothered about saving money, even when it's made really easy for them to do so.
  11. Looks like it's been updated. Twenty properties sold in SE1 (the biggest postcode in London I believe) in Febraury at the current count. Ouch!
  12. This site is the only thing that keeps me believing that at some point, property prices will have to return to a more sensible level. The problem is that as time goes on, this point in the future just seems to get further and further away. The VIs seem to be even more powerful than ever and even more determined to keep the bubble inflated. And should things go against them, then more printing is only a short flick of a switch away. I hate the fact I sold when I did, to whom I did and with the agent I did. Unfortunately there's little I can change about that now but on the bad days, I still let it eat away at me. Can you tell?! On the good days, I look at my combined bank balance, the 50% gains on my (limited) investments made since June 2009 and thank God I've got the option of leaving this country. The sooner the missus finishes her studies the better and I'm off.
  13. Thanks for taking the time to do that, moonriver, really interesting stuff and much appreciated. Obsessive compulsive much?!
  14. 9 High Town Road, SL6 1PA is a 3-bed terrace on the market for £350k and currently "under offer". Whilst it is undeniably beautifully done up inside and is a bedroom (and ensuite shower) bigger than most of the other terraced houses in that road, this is still a sizeable chunk more than the previous highest price paid in that road for a terrace £310k paid for #12 opposite in October 2007 which is also 3-bed. Bear in mind that these houses share on-street permit parking which is already stretched (and abused by blue badge holders with its proximity to town) and that Michael Shanly Homes own what was previously the Castle Hill Youth & Community Centre site opposite and will surely at some point return to their plans to build a load more flats in its place. Probably when they've managed to get permission to demolishing two neighbouring bungalows in nearby East Road and replace them with 15 flats. *sigh* 25 Lynton Green, SL6 6AN sold in May 2010 for £250k, but is now back on the market at £285k. It's clearly had some work done on it, but in a development that pre-crash had a ceiling price of £245k, it's all depressingly familiar. *double sigh* Am really struggling to see proof of anything that would support Halifax's assertion that average prices in Maidenhead were down 27.1% at the moment. Still, things could be a lot, LOT worse, as 5 minutes of news coverage is all it takes to remind you at the moment. So will go on counting my blessings instead. While occasionally grumping. However as 18 The Crescent is no longer showing as "under offer" but available, that also helps!
  15. Nope, re-read it a few times and tried doing a Google search for "second run" with relation to property but still none the wiser I'm afraid, Ash. I thought you might have meant second rung (as in next step up the property ladder) but you say you're a FTB so must admit, you've got me stumped!
  16. There you go then. Increased tuitions fees in this country are merely commercialism at its simplest: you get what you pay for. I don't see what all the fuss is about...
  17. What was the final and highest offer? As I clicked on live info, Lot 104 was on and info regarding Lot 103 was that it was unsold at £55k, this despite the fact its guide was £54-58k. I know the auctioneers often like to go with low guides to drum up interest, but when you're auctioning over 130 properties in the West Midlands in one go, you'd think they wouldn't need to do much drumming up of interest and could either go with guides that actually reflect the reserve or reserves that actually reflect the offers they are likely to receive.
  18. Anybody who claims that the best beer in the world is from the UK is a bare-faced liar or just plain wrong. Or both. While some of the non-mass-produced real ales are acceptable to my increasingly sophisticated palate, it still pales in comparison to the Vaterland's glorious wheat and malt beers, not to mention their much more enjoyable lagers. Harry, I am so envious of you. The single biggest mistake I made in my life was not returning to Germany as soon as I finished my degree in 1999. I'd spent 9 months as an assistant teacher in a rural grammar school as part of my third year and it was without a doubt the single best year of my life. I was accepted by the locals in a way that I do not believe a young German would experience in a similar rural English environment. I was doubly lucky as I had friends doing the same thing all over the country and so got to experience the Oktoberfest in Munich, Fasching in Wiesbaden (returned to experience Karneval in Cologne after uni when a more sensible friend had already moved over) and numerous other long weekends in various other towns and cities. And not once did we experience any trouble, despite being young, inebriated and presumably at times louder than everyone around us would necessarily have liked. It clearly helped that we all spoke German. Everyone we met on our weekends away was always intrigued (and pleasantly surprised) to meet English people who had bothered to learn another language. I visited Hamburg a couple of years ago with some working class mates from Birmingham a 'stag do'. None of them had been to Germany before and all of them had pre-conceptions about the country and the people. Knowing how highly I spoke of the place and being older and wiser than they once were, they went with an open mind. And I'm glad to say that they weren't disappointed. Even if the generous locals in one of the bars we went in who kept buying rounds of Jaegermeister for the stag meant that he never did get that soapy strip tease we'd paid for! Not a sniff of trouble in the 3 days we were there, despite our trip coinciding (unintentionally but I was so glad it did) with Schlagermove, a float-based celebration of all that is wonderfully crap about German music. Contrast that with the "home leg" of his departure from singledom on Birmingham's delightful Broad Street and the aggro we encountered in three of the venues we went in. Not a day goes by where I don't wish I lived there and the only thing stopping me is the missus and her studies. And on some days, even that doesn't feel like a good enough reason. On a football forum I'm on, Germany was being discussed recently and another poster scoffed at how backwards the country was because in some major towns, they still don't have shopping on a Sunday. Because yes, the sign of a developed country is the lack of free-time afforded to those who work in the retail sector so the other drones can spend even more money they don't have on a day they could otherwise be spending with their friends or family. In 1997/98, Germany already had its people separating their home waste for recycling purposes and a system where almost all purchased plastic and glass liquid containers incurred a deposit that could be reimbursed upon returning the empty containers to any other shop that used that system. I need to shut up now as I wanted to go to the gym this evening and it closes in two hours, but I for one can't wait to get out of this depressing country and move to Germany.
  19. Possibly the other big disadvantage is that if they get into difficulties and go under, your debt to them remains while you can kiss goodbye to any deposits you hold over £85,000. Then again, they've already proved that the banks are "too big to fail", so maybe this is irrelevant.
  20. Things are very quiet in Maidenhead. Well, apart from two of the most attractive but over-priced properties (one detached, the other terraced) having depressingly gone under offer. Wondered if it was just me, but decided to take a leaf out of The Masked Tulip's book on Monday and actually speak to an EA. He said he hadn't ever known it this bad. Nothing coming onto the market. Very little shifting. No impetus to force people to sell. Everyone waiting to see what happens next.
  21. This forum of ex-BBc employees suggest that the lease for the Pebble Mill site was peppercorn, about £125 per year (a figure quoted / repeated on numerous other sites). And from this FOI request response, it would appear that the annual rent paid by the BBC for occupation of the Mailbox is £2,141k and the annual service charges for the space are £364k and that the lease will expire on 23rd June 2026. Money well spent to kill off what was then probably the last remaining production space outside of London. but it's ok, because they're now spending LOTS more of our, sorry their, money on a move to even shinier, newer offices in Salford. Which they still won't own and will be leasing for God-knows-how-much. Apologies for going somewhat off-topic with this. Can you tell I didn't enjoy my time there?!
  22. Certainly wouldn't disagree with that. On a slight side note, I was working for CBBC at TV Centre a little over two years ago. While I was there, met a lad who had transferred from Pebble Mill (when it was shut down) and was living in London Monday to Friday before returning to his house in Selly Park at the weekends. There would have been nothing for him to do when they moved to The Mailbox, seeing as the studio space is basically non-existent. Most interesting however was the difference in what they had been paying for the lease of Pebble Mill (a pittance) and what they were going to pay for the much smaller space in The Mailbox. Forget the specifics, but it was a HUGE amount and he was pretty sure that as soon as the lease expired, they'd be out of there like a shot. There appear to be quite a lot of Brummies (currently exiled like me or otherwise) on here tho.
  23. In my opinion, it would be the latter. Saw a similar thing at a Countrywide Auction about 18 months ago for a place called Seacon Tower on the Isle of Dogs. Details of the s/c were very sketchy and it was only by speaking to a very helpful chap at a management company that had previously dealt with the estate that I stumbled across similar information.
  24. True. In fact, I think it was "under offer" two or three times before it sold last time. The obvious difference then was that the people who pulled out had all had surveys done and while they showed up subsidence / movement, the insurers for the then owner disputed this. Hence the massive reduction when it did actually sell. The person who bought it didn't have a survey done because he presumably didn't want one. And this works in his favour now he's selling it as I assume he's not legally obliged to declare any possible movement because according to what he had done, there arguably isn't any. Still, you'd think someone spending that much money on a house might be interested in what it might have sold for in the last 10 years and if they were, that a massive price jump like that might set alarm bells ringing.
  25. Someone will almost certainly buy it tho. Here's a similar story in my neck of the woods. 18 The Crescent, Maidenhead, SL6. I spotted this being marketed when I moved to Maidenhead in December 2009, but at £450,000 was more than I was ready to part with. Was surprised when it showed up on the LR at £290,000 and after brief discussions with someone in the know, potential purchasers' surveys apparently kept showing up problems with possible movement (the crack in the arch above the front door certainly seemed to suggest that). So it was sold, apparently to a builder who clearly wasted no time in getting the place spruced up and sticking it back on the market at £550,000. And as of last week it's "under offer". Clearly somebody doesn't do even the most basic of research. If it was leasehold, I assume this would come to light when the solicitor does their searches, but as it's freehold, would it necessarily come up?
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