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  1. Miller countrywide are the ea who I have been dealing with who I note state on their website that they follow the estate agents code of conduct.... Connels estate agent are the ones who the girl at work have come from. I just called and cancelled the appointment for Saturday. If I want to put in an offer I will and if they try and tell me I can't then I will just have to take it further. It's right that if people don't start standing up to these practices then they will keep on getting away with it.
  2. just to add I went to the tpos website (thanks for the link) and downloaded the sales code of practice and section 6c is relevant to this. I've pasted the relevant part below Discrimination 6c) By law you must not discriminate, or threaten to discriminate, against a prospective buyer of the seller’s property because that person declines to accept that you will (directly or indirectly) provide services to them. Discrimination includes – but is not limited to – the following: -making it a condition that the person wanting to buy the property must use any other service by you or anyone e
  3. Thanks for the advice/replies. They booked me to see the mortgage adviser on Saturday and I have already told them that I will not be taking a mortgage with them. They said that's fine but that the mortgage adviser can help us with budgeting and working out moving costs (I mean WTF I am capable of managing that myself!!)... I actually told them I am a mortgage adviser myself (not strictly true but as I work for a mortgage company it's close!!) I told them it would be a big waste of time but they said it won't because 'you never know what she might come up with' and that I can't make an offer
  4. Everytime I call estate agents to arrange house viewings they are telling me I have to see their mortgage advisor. Even when they don't have any properties in my price range they still try and insist I see their mortgage advisor. I saw one house I liked that did not sell at auction which is still open for bids for another week but if no price agreed will go back on the open market, I told the EA I don't want to buy via the auction house as I'll be obliged to buy even if my mortgage falls through but will make an offer if it comes back on the market. The told me I had to see their mortgage adv
  5. hahahahaha Misspiggy that is the funniest thing i've ever seen!!!
  6. sorry just saw the link to your own thread regarding that property. It is a shame they can't give you a proper answer, estate agents can be extemely irritating at times. The one I mentioned with fox and sons, well that was a cottage in polbathic. I called as it stated it was still available. They told me that it had not sold at auction but then straight afterwards 3 potential buyers came out of the woodwork and there was a bit of a bidding war between the three via the estate agents until it sold to the highest bidder. Perhaps some people are put off from bidding at auction who are arranging
  7. I phoned the agent this morning and was advised that they are very much still available and were happy to arrange me viewings again. They even offered for me to see the mortgage adviser if I liked either of them. Those two are with millers countrywide and I note the property you are interested is with fulfords...did they not give you a reason for 'fobbing you off'?? seems very odd I called after an auction property with fox and sons which didn't sell last week and they told me directly it had already sold post auction.
  8. Hi there it is very interesting to hear of your experiences, some of which I can relate to as a first time buyer!! I live in south east cornwall and so prices are substantially lower here c90-95k one bed flat, 95-110k 2 bed flat, 2 bed houses 110k plus etc etc. Husband and I have a 10% deposit and our budget on houses is anything being marketed up to about 130k. I only took the plunge and started contacting estate agents two weeks ago. First call was Fox and Sons, I saw a cottage for 100k in a rural area which had not sold at auction and was available at that price. It needed updating but ha
  9. What good deals have you seen? The best I've seen are Natwest first time buyer exclusive 5 yrs fixed 5.99% No Fee Natwest first time buyer tracker 2 years 4.19% above base rate No fee HSBC homebuyer special 2 year discount 3.89% £1199 fee I'm not too keen on the tracker just in case base rate does increase too much in the next 2 years. The HSBC one is good but the fee puts me off and then in two years who knows what rates will be. I'm swaying towards the natwest 5 year fixed at the mo. Just wondering if anyone had found any better deals out there
  10. My friend had some money towards a deposit for his house but was 3k short, he got a personal loan for the 3k shortly before and told the bank it was for a car purchase. He went for a mortgage straight after and it went through with no problem. Getting a loan for a mortgage deposit is a big no no but many people are doing it, as long as you still meet the mortgage companies affordability criteria and they do not know that the loan was for the deposit then people do get away with it. Afterall people who go for mortgages do often have existing loans and overdrafts and it's not unrealistic that s
  11. thanks for the reply! So when I decide on the property I want do you think I should offer lower than the opening bid price?? In comparison to other houses in the area they are under priced but it is just that they need a bit of modernising and people in my area seem to be shying away from buying such properties at the moment. I would be happy to pay 90k on the cheaper one, I would probably even go up to 95k, so do you think rather than just offering 90k straight up I should go lower?? With the 115k one there is currently a tenant in there, do you think this has any implications for me at al
  12. I personally wouldn't be suprised if a lot more property comes on the market after Christmas. People are holding back from selling at the moment, I know lots of people who couldn't sell their property last year and have taken it off the market and not yet put it back on. I guess people are thinking, get Christmas out the way and then we'll go for it!! I live in south east cornwall and there is a a lack of properties on sale here, but then there hasn't been much demand either, well until recently. I keep an eye on the rightmove website and there were a lot of properties on there for sale for
  13. I work in a bank and I have seen this happening a lot. Customer comes in applies for mortgage and then valuation comes back lower and so the 90% LTV becomes 91 or 92% and so the bank won't proceed with the mortgage. In the majority of cases the vendor has reduced the sale price to what it has been valued at and then the mortgage proceeds. In my area this has generally meant taking an average of about 2k off the sale price. I haven't seen any instances yet where it has been valued much below sale agreed price.
  14. Hi there, I viewed 2 houses that were going up for auction, one with guide price at 90k+ and the other 115k+ I was interested in both of them but had other houses to view and so didn't attend the auction. I was a little gutted in the end as it turned out that they were the two houses I liked the best!! But today I checked and the houses did not sell. I have phoned the agent to arrange a second viewing with the intention of making an offer, there is nothing wrong with either of the properties apart from they need a little refreshment etc If I make an offer is it acceptable for me to offer t
  15. hi thanks for the reply. To answer the question, yes I can get finance, I have the deposit and mortgage agreed in principle. I'm not that young (unfortunately!!) am 31, hubby 34! We've been priced out the market the last couple of years since we got married and have been raising a desposit. So estate agents should take us seriously-no need to take dad!! I was thinking of making an opening offer of 102k (15% below asking) and work up from there but 106k will be my max and I'll walk away if any higher as I could secure a property with no need of modernisation for not much more in my area.
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