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  1. We have to remember that the average aspiring man/woman who earns circa £30k (£50k couple) already have debt coming out of their eyeballs with their overpriced new build and BMW 1 series on credit. Are they really aware that inflation, higher energy, council tax rise, tax rise, potential interest rates rise is all coming in the Spring?
  2. Q1 economy will be battered by Omicron Inflation at 5-7% Council tax rise of 5% in April NI rise 1.5% in April Energy prices up 50% No doubt another Covid scare Q4 Unemployment begins Q3 House prices will be flat Q1/Q2 and will start to dive Q3/Q4
  3. Don't worry...mortgage approvals are now going down...the crash is imminent....
  4. Sharp decline....expect this to continue for next two years....
  5. As soon as stamp duty exemption expires and the furloughed get sacked expect carnage....Q3 will be steady, Q4 a slight drop...a bloodbath in 2022..... Problem is house prices will go up circa 7% in Q1/Q2
  6. thanks all forexfactory was the one I was thinking of... Thanks again...
  7. I remember years ago there use to be a website that use to give all financial results/indicators including house price indicators (Nationwide, Halifax, Rics etc) within minutes of them being replaced. It use to outline all the stuff that was going to be released on that day and have a forward looking view Does this website still exist? Thanks!
  8. So to conclude do we perceive a cut in stamp duty is very unlikely?
  9. Could he follow Ed Ball's lead and cut stamp duty on first time buyers or on all properties up to say 250k to stimulate the housing market? What do we think?
  10. May choose to use stamp duty on high earners to fund a permamant 0% tax under say 200k?
  11. Are we expecting the exemption up to 200k to be extended/made permanent?
  12. The high street in meltdown, unemployment rising, inflation rising, interest rates due to rise...... Are we entering the crash stage of prices dropping in excess of 1% each month?
  13. Where will house prices be at the end of 2011 according to Halifax/Nationwide indices? I will predict that house prices will nationally decline 5% for the remaining 6 months of the year - obviosuly there will be regional variations. Any views?
  14. He is manager of a local branch and says he has yet to sell a single house since the 20th December! He hardly has any buyers on his books and "off the record" he said this will be a massive crash. I said "what 10% this year", he replied "make that 20%"!
  15. Thanks for the info. I'm interested in the Preston, Longridge, Clitheroe sort of areas........
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