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  1. " It ain't over 'til it's over " " Never answer an anonymous letter" " I usually take a two hour nap from one to four" " It's deja vu all over again" " When you come to a fork in the road....Take it " " I didn't really say everything I said " " We made too many wrong mistakes" " You can observe a lot by watching " " The future ain't what it used to be " " It gets late early out here" " If the world were perfect, it wouldn't be " " If the people don't want to come out to the ballpark, nobody's going to stop them " - Yogi Berra
  2. Really what should be done is to abolish IR35. From what I have seen here, it is a badly written regulation that makes a mockery of what is defined as a limited liability corporation. You can't just go into a limited company and change the rules of taxation arbitrarily like this. It's very simple to stop this, just abolish IR35 and create a new regulation that an employee cannot leave their position with an employer and enter into a new contract with that same employer as a limited liability entity. Then stipulate that type of arrangement must be either as a limited liability partnership or a sole trader entity. This would place taxation on a more equitable basis. Otherwise everything else should be allowed. This type of a legal simplification does not interfere with the sanctity of a limited liability corporation and also could stop some of the revolving door stuff that goes on between government and corporations. Sounds like the original IR35 was a nulabour stitch up for the lefty wing of the party.
  3. Yes I agree that they will not be able to stop using QE. Too damned tempting to control everything, and it will only stop when these guys are forced to stop it, probably by some sort of a revolution. Look at Japan, for example. No sign of let up for 20 years now.
  4. Yes, or release some sort of announcement, in lieu. But I can't see that happening. Maybe this is why there is a shortage of deposit boxes at Swiss Banks?
  5. During March of 2008, when Bear Sterns was about to go down, Max Keiser, just by coincidence, tried to visit the Bundesbank for a routine interview. He couldn't get in, and was told at reception that there was some problem in America and it was locked down. The large banks and central banks are part of the same borg. You can bet that everything will be locked down if this is true.
  6. From "The Slog" : DOCUMENTS RAISE AWKWARD QUESTIONS FOR WASHINGTON, IMF & BERLIN Good luck chaps. Make sure your money is safe.
  7. Exactly. The fairest system of all is to eliminate income tax completely. Then your government won't be able to subsidize your rich neighbours businesses and you get to keep the fruit of your labour, rather than you being slave labour to your government, and indirectly, your rich neighbour. All governments are corporatist, and your taxes will be used to disadvantage you.. Income tax also is the most divisive mechanism ever created, sowing discontent and envy widely across the population. It permits a small group of elites to control untold masses of people.
  8. What I'm referring to is that China has pegged to the dollar and the US can't shake it off, mainly due to the way China runs their current and capital accounts. Like a big tic on the back of a dog. So the US used QE to flood the world with money, hoping to force China off their backs. China is about to implode, but still the US has not shaken them off. In the process the world has had to follow with similar programmes. This is helping the UK housing market, but it is destroying the European block. No one is forcing tat to be made in China but under WTO/GATT goods will be made in the lowest cost locations, and there really isn't anything that can be done about it, short of withdrawing from the treaties.
  9. Governments have to learn to operate according to the amount of money they have, not what they wish to have. If you or I operated this way we would be placed in a jail cell for a very long time.
  10. Look, that is strange logic. If base rates and real interest rates reached a true market level, house values would be declining by 5% (or more) and you would be making an 8% or 10% return, the gain being probably more than 14 or 15%.
  11. This is a direct result of currency wars first started by China, and then spread globally by the US via QE. There is no other option for the UK but to follow.
  12. What has contributed to the 'downfall' of Greece, the UK, the EU, the US, and essentially all western so called 'Democracies' can be laid squarely at the feet of the government. Who controls the money and spending? I cannot see the fault anywhere else. If the Greek people did not pay taxes, the government has but one option, cut spending. Did they?
  13. Ultimately this is what it all comes down to for a thoughtful, educated person; where can those funds be put t better use? To support government agendas? Most people who have worked hard to better themselves and their families would come to the conclusion that it is better not to give it to the government. You hear the great 'philanthropists' such as Buffet and Gates saying that 'inheritance tax is a good thing, I'm going to give all my money away' etc etc. But they don't give it to the government, they give it to their own foundations where they can decide how to put it to use.
  14. Uh, ScoobyDoo, Fido, Tintin. Lassie... "To HMRC: Please don't look for account 'ScoobyDoo69' in Monaco. Sincerely, Del Boy"
  15. Interesting article but I find the results a bit bizarre. With interest rates being artificially manipulated to values not seen for hundreds of years, it's a little bit rich to think that anything in recent history could be used to place a valuation on house prices... The only way to say whether house prices are reasonable is to consider what interest rates should be and then work back from there. That, I am sure, would indicate that there is a global bubble of epic proportions. The only exception to this is the USA where the parasitic government property taxes are so high that people won't buy because they can't afford tax repayment, no matter what the interest rates are. I'm certain that this is Detroit's problem.
  16. And I thought that the moral of the story was something to do with global warming, but then I realized that 'Al Gore Baby' doesn't have a British accent... Seriously though, this is nothing about helping savers, it's about stealing from savers...
  17. The dirty little secret in all this nonsense that they are desperately trying to hide is that the people don't have to consent to this crime. That's the purpose of QE, to deceive the little people.
  18. This is starting to cut a little too close to the bone. When will we find out that loads of HMRC executives are doing the same thing? But the tax paying public will get shot in the goolies eventually. If HMRC find this practice to be unacceptable, these persons will have their contracts renegotiated with much higher packages being paid.
  19. Theoretical arguments aside, the main reason I believe Bitcoin will survive is that it represents free exchange. It has the potential to completely bypass the myriad capital controls that are being implemented around the world. Even if flawed, even if imperfect, people will use this and other means of free exchange. The more totalitarian world governments become, the more these free exchanges will proliferate. Legal or otherwise does not matter. Prohibition gave rise to organized crime. The War on Drugs has created drugs cartels. Governments are powerless to stop these things, and ultimately get corrupted by them. History reaffirms this result time and again. It is entirely conceivable that certain government agencies themselves could enter the Bitcoin arena. Who would know?
  20. Has anyone here gone through the major world economies, removed the G values and then looked at the rankings and percent debt to GDP? Also, considering the bogus nature of inflation these day (ie heuristics), doesn't that have something to do with GDP too? Or am I thinking of real GDP growth?
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