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  1. With the capital withdrawl controls, the limited amount of cash in circulation and so on?

    The capital rights issue is going to become a driving force in the currency markets, and is why the dollar may strengthen; it has the strongest capital rights in the world.

    But people don't need to actually withdraw their money to stop this thing, they just have to threaten to do it in large enough numbers. The word will soon get back to the BOE.

    Forget public protests, just let middle Britain threaten to bring the banking sector to it's knees. Better than the ballot box. Instant results.

  2. This is a press release to test the reaction of the public. If large draw downs from banks begin they will cancel the policy. Otherwise it's baked in.

    But how would this function?

    Suppose I take the money from the bank and prepay to a non fee credit card, where I can park the money for free, and leave only a nominal sum of £1 in the account. Would I be charged, say -0.25% per annum? So the charge would be 0.0025 pence per annum?

  3. What a fiddle.

    1. Loan shows as asset on the company balance sheet.

    2. Loan may show increase in value with time thus increasing company asset value in future.

    3. Loan is not taxed as income for recipient.

    4. Company pays no NI or other payroll related taxes on loan.

    5. When written off in future will decrease company tax liability.


    All financial risk is attached to the recipient of the loan.

    This farce will be closed in future, no doubt about it.

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