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  1. The theme of this discussion appears to centre around interest rates and Sterling. I came across this yesterday - John Butler of Amphora Capital expresses the UK situation succinctly and eloquently (shift forward to 15:14):
  2. Yup. I think they are saying that investing in property 30 years ago would today have much better returns than would investing in a chicken that was slaughtered and plucked 30 years ago. I just hope they had the sense to freeze the chicken. Hindsight is always 20-20.
  3. I thought he came off as quite and intelligent and confident guy - at least the small segment that I watched. Unfortunately his job is to convince the public that BOE policies (that are decided elsewhere) are in their best interests. His being here has no other purpose that I can envision. A confidence game.
  4. George Osborne said on BBC yesterday that he has insisted that these are not paid by the taxpayer! No these will be paid by the bank. I believe him
  5. As a father with children recently in the workforce and others coming up to working age there has been a sea change in attitudes towards University and work. For the first time in years, several children are proudly going into apprenticeships rather than University. Some of these children are from very well heeled, well educated families - Surgeons, for example. My own personal view is that education is still the key for those who have ambitions to better themselves in life. But it is rapidly becoming a playground for the rich. I read that there were 57,000 places unfilled during the last University uptake. You combine this with the fact that some of the existing students will drop out, and there will be dire consequences for the University system. I believe that London Metropolitan is unlikely to make it, and that there are 8 or 9 other Universities that are on the watch list. Also I read that major US universities (such as Stanford) are introducing low cost or free online courses and this has the UK university system rattled.
  6. Very expressive language. I'm sure he did this in a gentlemanly sort of way
  7. So unexpected! (btw - to do this thing voluntarily as Von Mises advises would require changing the entire monetary system - no one will do that)
  8. This is effectively the way land is taxed in America - of course all the other taxes are still in place - so it is far from a Georgian paradise.
  9. Especially if the Chinese decide to do more than just lock on to a Japanese destroyer.
  10. Business plans are useful for management purposes, but for a bank loan and a start up they are a waste of time - unless there are a number of investors and big bucks are involved.
  11. I thought about this too - but for an established, small, profitable and audited business with a turnover in the 2 or 3 million plus range - it could happen.
  12. Obama got one. Since then he's done away with Habeas Corpus - and signs secret assassination orders weekly. Why not EU/Van Rompuy?
  13. Shares are 'underowned' and there's 'piles of cash on the sidelines'...
  14. Finance is the economy in modern Britain. No hope there. Gilts are our primary export.
  15. I would disagree. Unfortunately history shows that you need to beat Usury out of the system by law and force to maintain a civil society. So I don't agree that the way should be open for the money lenders. There has to be laws and enforcement or we will again end up in the situation we are in today. Who's the expert in this transaction, the drug pusher or the drug addict?
  16. China again? BOE cutouts in the Caymans? The Cup Trust?
  17. If Mukesh Ambani can build this billion dollar monstrosity home in Mubai - next door to one of the world's largest slums - can London be far behind?
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