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  1. I used to live on Padwell Road..... If your a recent grad, still trying to cling to your carefree student days, its a great place. Once you need to drive to work, its a bit of a nightmare due to parking issues etc. I still have fond memories of the place though.... I used to walk past Rockstone Lane everyday, always thought the houses were really nice....
  2. Hmm... got one recently for C++ Quant contractor, £700-800 / day. There are times when I wish I had done a combined maths \ comp. sci. degree, and not gone loopy. Wages on the south coast are shite, you could easily double that by working thirty miles further north up the M3. City rates even more. My lack of a top degree has not held me back (I don't mention the class of my degree on my CV, no-one has ever asked.....)
  3. And at that price (45K) just possibly affordable to someone on minimum wage...... Must be less than building cost
  4. Any reason why Lightwater is better than Heatheside? Other than getting out of Lightwater might be easier than heatherside?
  5. Its quite scary, but I grew up on Heatherside ('78 to 90), over in Shildon Close...... I don't think there are any council houses on Heatherside - certainly none that I was aware of. Most of the housing stock is late 60s, to the old Parker Morris standards. They may be bland boxes, but its an effective use of a box shape. Bedrooms are usable sizes and they all seem to be solidly constructed. The area over by Cheylsmore drive is typical late 80s small garden stud internal walls from what I remember. There's some even newer build by Theobalds way, but I don't know about them. If you want to get to Knaphill, deepcut road to Gapemouth road, then Queens road by Bisley. Its pretty clear of traffic - I actually live in Frimley now, and work in Woking, and theres not much traffic down to Bisley from Frimley Green. It looks like your interested in the bit by Theobalds way - thats not the bit I remember! After my time, it all used to be the grounds of Brompton hospitol when I was there. However your nearest schools are all within walking distance - I must have spent the ten years walking up and down the Old Bisley Road Growing up there was great till you get to about 14-15, then you realise that you truely are out in the boonies. A couple of weeks ago my brother was down from the smoke and went him and our respective other halves back to heatherside to show them where we grew up. They really liked it - the big open playing fields, the woods and sense of quiet. Me and my brother started twitching uncontrollably when respective other halves started suggesting we move there......
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