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  1. First true sign of HPC. London asking prices drop 5.9% in a month! http://www.rightmove.co.uk/news/files/2014/08/august-2014.pdf
  2. Hi,

    My email address is smthjhn85@aol.com

    I think I've sorted out my PM but if not please email

  3. Hi,

    Have around 150 gold proof £10 Britannias - various dates.

    RM price for 2009 is £139 - sold out.

    Also have 38 proof quarter sovereigns and 40 proof 2003 half sovereigns amongst many others.

    I live in Upminster Essex.

    If you are interested let me know what sort of prices you are prepared to pay and we can discuss further.



  4. I am looking to sell a number of £10 proof Britannias and other British gold proofs. Dealers I have spoken to are only prepared to pay around bullion prices. I find this rather surprising as they rend to charge a 25% premium when selling. On Ebay gold proofs sell at around 10% premium to bullion prices but the fees are some 13%. I have searched the archives and can find no advice on selling proofs. Plenty of excellent advice on the forums regarding bullion coins but nothing about proofs. Any suggestions to maximise returns would be appreciated.
  5. Reading of the dilemna facing the Wilsons of how to dispose of their portfolio reminded me of a chap I read about in the press a few years ago. Like the Wilsons he needed to raise a lot of money and he also decided to sell his assets in one fell swoop. He too told the press in advance what he was proposing to do. The only difference between him and the Wilsons was that he was selling a pile of gold. As I recall he got a pitiful price for his efforts. Can't recall the chaps name but I'm sure a well educated couple like the Wilsons would have learned from this foolish fellows precedent.
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