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  1. Hope is a desire of positive outcomes. 'Desire' has no place in an investment strategy IMHO. Does a 'rational risk neutral investor' desire anything?
  2. Look I was here 2 years before you lot.. So you all are clearly trolls ... Not me. For people like me who have been here for 8 years the crash has clearly happened next one is probably 2019 or so.
  3. and how do you propose bringing about this deflationary paradise ?
  4. Yes I totally agree ...recessions are healthy... They help reallocate resources to more productive use... Creative destruction.. But I also believe you can go too far if your not too careful if you know what I mean.
  5. Fine, but for the hundreth time im not a banker. never have been never will be. I'm friends with some people who work for banks.. however none of them are bankers (ok well actually one of them is probably a "banker" but i knew him years before he stepped foot in a bank). I once did some work for a bank. but no longer. I'm just an average guy from a very average state school who did very average, academically. and I'm just trying to figure out the world and how it works. In London pretty much any party you go to will have someone who has something to do with financial services. So I try to avoi
  6. There is no past and no future only now. Its like golf... you play the ball where it lands. you cant replay the golf shot that Alistair Darling took in 2008. you can only play your ball where is is now.
  7. Yes consume more house.... you will notice if you look at rightmove that not all of the houses are priced exactly the same and so anyone in the market for housing has a choice between consuming say a bedsit in peckham for instance or a mansion in belgravia.
  8. People cut their coat according to their cloth. if prices go up people will be able to afford less and hence buy less house. if prices fall people can afford more house and so it is rational for them to consume more house. Real price falls from 2008-2013 make it rational in my opinion to consume more house, the prospect of the further falls you predict seem distant when i look at the dynamics of my local market. The deposit money isn't gone it is merely transferred often housing transactions involve many transfers of capital its called a chain.. housing capital flows in one direction financi
  9. Good, I don't want your sympathy. There are hundreds of thousands of other people who have also worked in financial services. And there are sadly many who are psychopaths. At least if I'm entertaining that's something.
  10. Not at all. I am who I am. The system is what it is. I cannot change the system without omnipotence. I can only change myself and make my own decisions. Some decisions I have made perpetuate the system other actions I have taken seek to subvert and possibly destroy the system. I cannot elaborate further. I am acutely aware of my own impotence.. Perhaps you seek to reform the system.. Maybe you can..but I know my limitations I have attempted to reform the system and failed. Now I tolerate it's shortfalls and get on with the game as it stands.
  11. Exactly lo fi... I don't make moral judgement about the state of the world.. I perceive the system and then play the game as I see it... I'm a pragmatic realist. And so in this capitalist system...I play a capitalist game. In my mind this is the only rational thing to do. If this makes me a bad person so be it.
  12. Oh sorry yes your right I clearly have permanently sold my soul to the devil by once upon a time whoring my labour skills to an evil financial services organisation. Only in HPC cult circles would that be considered an legitimate form of insult. In most of the rest of society we just get on with life and play the game not the player.
  13. This is an urgent appeal on behalf of HSBC which acorrding to reputable sauces of the interwebz has both too many liabilities and not enough cash ! If you think HSBC has too many Libilities please burn any of these you have ! If you think HSBC has not enought cash then print a sheet of these and save a bank that is bound to go out of business soon. If you think both then why not both print and then burn... Its not looking good for all those cash based hong kong businesses ! maybe HSBC could rent out that space on the £80 note occupied by their offices !
  14. but what if it always looks like the peak of a pyramid scheme what if it looked like one in 1983 1993 2003 and 2013 ? how do you identify which times it was a good time to buy in vs ones where it wasnt ? prices in 1983 were MUCH higher than they had ever been before EVER... prices had virtually doubled from 1978 (16K) through to the ludicrous average prices of 28K... do you think there wasnt a feeling then that it would all just collapse that prices would return to the sensible values of yesterday ?
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