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  1. I thought all these high-flying girls and boys were supposed to be fleeing from the UK?
  2. If that is the case, then please explain why many populations in the rest of the world - with median incomes much lower again than the USA - are not afflicted by this particular epidemic?
  3. Unless the property is now worth less than the outstanding mortgage, these people have played the game and come out as winners.
  4. Maybe someone will invent a machine that allows you to stitch pieces of fabric together at home and then nobody would have to buy clothes. We could all just make our own.
  5. Have I wandered into a strange alternate universe where Per Capita and Per Head mean different things?
  6. The chart refers to household income per capita. According to the ONS, in 2011 the Regional Gross Disposable Household Income per head in the United Kingdom was £16,034.
  7. I'm stuck in a job that I really don't enjoy and have had to turn down two opportunities so far because of IR35 legislation.
  8. Good for you, you are making progress. Reading text books is an excellent way of educating yourself.
  9. But he will still be spending £960/year more on rent, unless the rent also declines. Wouldn't the current rental yield on these properties be sufficient to limit further significant falls in value? He won't be the only one who has noticed that he could be spending less on a mortgage and there will be others looking at BTL given those numbers.
  10. In the North of Italy, an espresso costs 1 euro. Starbucks doesn't exist in Italy (or at least didn't while I lived there). There is still lots of ambiance, staff, heat, light, shelter, and even music.
  11. "Mumbles is special" ... says the subtitle of this thread. It must be. It's invariably the number one thread in the Wales forum. Has anywhere in Wales outside of Swansea generated this much discussion?
  12. Rather than blaming the Daily Mail, much as I despise that rag, I would be more inclined to point the finger at InjuryLawyers4You and their ilk.
  13. I presume you are referring to the Fusion drive presented last year. Are you saying that Seagate and Samsung copied Apple when they introduced hybrid hard drives in 2007?
  14. What are these normal "Under Offer" == "Offer to you to Gazump" rules that you are referring to? Sold subject to contract means nothing in England and Wales except that the seller has agreed to sell it to a buyer at a certain price. At this point, neither party is locked in to a contract and either can drop out. Unless the buyer has stipulated as part of the verbal agreement that the property be taken off the market, the EA is perfectly entitled to continue marketing it. SSTC and Under Offer are effectively synonyms. If someone comes along with a better offer, the vendor is free to accept it. With so many deals failing these days because the buyers cannot raise the mortgage, I fail to see why the vendor should be narked at the EA for continuing to advertise the property for sale. Indeed with house prices falling, the buyer may have accepted an offer which is considerably less than what they were asking and the EA may indeed be fishing for someone prepared to pay more. One possible reason for marking it as 'Under Offer' on Rightmove is that marking a property as SSTC will remove it from many people's searches. If you drive by on the other hand, you will see the SSTC sign. I have to wonder why, if you were really interested in buying the property, you didn't put in an offer at the price which was right for you? Did you expect them to advertise it at that price before you would consider? For all you know, they may have accepted a price which is less than you were prepared to pay.
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