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  1. Doesn't completely matter if owned or mortgaged. If the property is owned then it means the value of the property is not earning interest or income elsewhere, if this is not considered then it is a distorted analysis of the investment.
  2. I wonder how many of these 'entrepeneurs' would have created other businesses and jobs if our governments hadn't encouraged them all to become 'property developers' instead.
  3. Just sent this Sir Your idea of friends combining resources to buy property is ridiculous. Are you of the opinion that current bubble scenario house prices must be maintained at all cost? Fact; there is a proportion of the nations income that can be expended on housing, this gives the traditional 3x income level that is historic, above this it is sustained by debt only. Do you really believe this can continue forever, or are you only interested in what happens on your watch? Do you really want to see a nation of debt slaves, why not promote a return to sensible house prices. Houses should be for living in, not for living off. We can't base an economy on a housing bubble. Stop all the silly schemes that perpetuate this injustice and allow the market to find it's own level. There will be winners and losers, problem is I suppose that the people making the decisions have property portfolios dont they? regards
  4. And there was me thinking that unaffordable housing was simply due to them costing too much. A bubble like any other fuelled by the greater fool principle, enhanced by easy credit and Kirsty Allslop.
  5. I thought EA's were obliged to pass all offers on to vendor.
  6. Forum Runner - it's a free app available for iphone and android phones, great for reading forums but forum has to have it installed. http://www.forumrunner.net/ would be great if HPC would add it
  7. landlords talk about rent simply increasing so their 'investments' remain profitable. they seem oblivious to the fact that rent levels are dictated by ability to pay rent ,ie wages - which are crap.
  8. Flippin' 'eck - take a chill pill. OK were masters of the universe, you win.... still think we do some daft stuff though
  9. Do you see and dogs, cats or fish at war? they fight, yes, for survival but they don't screw up the planet. I'm not suggesting for a second that were not the cleverest species known to man, but intelligent? well....
  10. Switch on the news if you want to see how clever we are perhaps all the achievements you list are necessary steps if we are to become anything other than a curse on the planet, but in the meantime we look pretty silly. We only think were smart because there's nothing to compare with, so far...
  11. It's comical to consider any species intelligent that behaves the way humans do, as a species we will end with a Darwin award and then the rest of the planets species can get back to normal.
  12. The only reason that we have been doing so many miles is that we can, but that doesn't make it sensible. Think of all the rep's motoring around the country for needless meetings, 20 mile round trips to Asda for a tenners worth of shopping etc. etc. If we reigned in motoring to the minimum in order for us to function properly then we would have lower fuel bills even if prices tripled. Americans have proved how we behave with cheap fuel
  13. It just might be the case that nothing has been done that is stupid at all; the debt, the wars, the clowns in charge.... perhaps it's all deliberate and cleverly constructed to appear stupid and therefore not by design. All leading to a destination that we are unaware of because we would not be led there willingly. The easiest way to control slaves is make them think they are free men and all that.... I reckon were all off to hell in a handcart courtesy of Baron Rothschild and his NWO, gotta admire their scheming though...
  14. Suppose so - could eliminate all debt just by turning off bankers computers
  15. The debt cannot be repaid, it can't be stopped from growing let alone be reduced, we cant even service the debt as it is If something is unsustainable then it will end in tears
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