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  1. Gosh that was a quick reply chute !! OK i thought that would be the arguement all you bears would present as the proof i am wrong. And this is where we disagree . Yes i too remember the previous crash of the nineties but i don't remember it as loads of people , enough to affect the market , being forced to sell to avoid repossession . I remember it as , yes , lots of price falls and many people being repossessed but only enough to force a 15-20% fall in prices and again , only those who had overextended themselves. Not so dissimilar to now is it ? This time i think there is one differance ,
  2. I wanna house, i did reply in a massive post taking hours to write which the system this forum runs on decided to block me from sending.. i have no idea why. Also i lost the post because i could see no way to save it and retrieve it again. So you'll just have to take my word for it that i did reply but couldn't post it. You can understand i'm sure that the feeling of deflation after spending hours writing it only to lose it is such that i don't feel inclined to try it again , and if it did it may not allow me to send it again too!!. So .... i have read your posts and those of Tired of Waitin
  3. Seems i've lost my big post but i will just reply to the last couple of posters here. Joeschmo you are spot on ... shell what planet are you on? Tired of Waiting... i'm not sure anyone is disputing most of what you say in your posts ... what you have failed to show though is the link between us being in financial problems as a country and the definate fall (crash) in house prices. Yes we are in a mess but you can be sure the government will find a way out as the alternative is the country goes under .. can't happen so a solution will be found. Meanwhile can you explain childlike to an idi
  4. Guys.. i just spent nearly 2 hours tying an enourmously detailed reply only to hit the add reply button and find it comes up with "you do not have authority to reply" or some such thing. Is there any tool on this site i can recover the post or is it gone.? If gone i don't have the inclination to re-type that all again today.
  5. OK i wannahouse and chute , i will reply this afternoon. Busy at work just now ..
  6. Thanks to Joeschmo for his understanding and intelligent posts. Contrast this with the insulting sarcastic posts of renewable and the daft comment by shell ... half price in two years. Joeschmo, there is nothing you can do with the likes of renewable other than put straw down !! I don't think i will bother to post more , this thread is infested by daft people who for one reason or another haven't bought a house and probably never will. They are waiting for a price fall which will never be enough to make them actually buy ,cos they will always want more , they probably can't get the finance an
  7. Me again, Having re-read through as many past postings on this thread as i can stand in one sitting , i come away with one conclusion. This enourmous thread is made up principally of two groups... those who have a property and so want to see prices rise , or at least not fall, and what seems like a more vocal half who want to buy and who desperately want prices to fall. Understandably. What surprises me a little , and bear in mind none of us really know whats going to happen, is how convinced the bears are despite all the current evidence showing they are wrong. They demand and categorical
  8. Just to clarify i am not an Estate Agent or landlord or developer.. i have my own (completely unrelated ) business in the town. From where i am sitting i don't see the reccession that is apparently all around us with firms going bust etc. I see hoards of people packing out the shops buying just as they did before . I am LOOSLEY in the holiday business (not a travel agent) and i can tell you that as many people as before are going on holiday , the only differance to before is that they are taking even more spending money with them !! So no reccession there then !! The poster who said that mos
  9. Hi everyone .. my first post. I've read this forum with interest as a guest for many months now and thought it time to put my views .I have lived in Brighton since birth and studied the property market for some 20 years , during which time i have bought and sold maybe 10 properties .. so not without experience. Although neither bull or bear at present , especially as i'm not looking to move in the immediate future, i am AMAZED by the posts here that predict with certainty these huge price falls ... so many are saying 30..40.. even 50% falls. !! Why do people waste their time making such craz
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