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  1. I think you're right. I been looking at the recently published auction results ( all kudos to M21er for the great piece of research ), and can hardly believe some of the bargains out there. Over 11% gross returns on a BTL with the strong possibility of capital gains as the icing on the cake ....... what's not to like about that ??? I'm presently living in Australia but considering a move back to my original home in the West country. I'll be visiting U.K. later this month to inspect a two bed-roomed flat overlooking the harbour of a Cornish village with an asking price of GBP 115K. As a potential cash buyer and able to proceed immediately, I'll be hoping to knock a few bob off the asking price, especially since the unit has been on the market for some time, and the great summer influx of potential buyers is now almost over Of course the usual crowd of doom and gloom wannabee's will try to tell anyone who has the patience to listen, that they will soon be selling four bed-roomed detached houses in nice areas for thirty bob each, but they've been singing that song for quite some time now. I wonder when was this site created, and what was the average house price at the time ? House Price Crash ???...............It's here right now you mugs.......fill yer boots
  2. Unless Abbott with his assumed large lower house majority, causes an almost immediate double dissolution of Parliament by passing legislation in the lower house that could never pass through the Senate, repeal of the carbon tax for instance.
  3. Once they have the bank valuation of the property, do they get back to the vendor with an amended offer based on the valuation estimate ?
  4. I think that that's an excellent summary. Though I do think Bligh should be more recognised for her outstanding leadership during the recent flood and cyclone situations in Queensland.
  5. There will be no peasant driven "rebellion" as long as the the Government follow the time tested Roman solution to potential civil unrest......."Bread and circuses". As long as the great unwashed have enough to eat, enough to spend on fags and booze, and a footy match or a 'gripping' daytime soap opera to "entertain" them, then they will be quite happy to spend the rest of their "lives" picking-up their "Giro" and rolling about in their own shit. Throw in a once a year "all inclusive" coach trip to Blackpool in February and they'll probably think that they live in paradise. Popular uprising ??? ............not unless it's called after lunchtime on a none 'sign on' day
  6. Just as there are people who would pay a premium to live with easy striking distance of all the employment that an airport creates.
  7. Nobody is being "forced" to work ! If the idle pricks who are moaning about actually having to put a little back into the system, for the raft of Government and council benefits they receive, don't want to work, then by all means allow them to stay at home and let their 'benefits' cease. I for one would never wish to 'deprive' them of their "right" to stay at home breeding, boozing and playing with their X-Box........I just don't feel the need to pay them for the privilege. If you don't wish to see these shirkers doing jobs that might lead to better employment and perhaps permanent jobs, then give them all brooms and rags and set them to work cleaning your streets and public parks of the litter, filth and graffiti that pollutes these areas. Not only will this provide much needed employment but it would also improve the quality of life of everyone who wants to be able to walk the street or enjoy a park with having to wade through knee deep litter and dog crap. Think of how doing public work for the betterment of themselves and their fellow man, would lift the flagging spirits of the permanently unemployed and give them hope for the future. Wot youse goin to do den bro.............."Boycott" the council ? You can rant and rave and "Boycott" all you want, but the years of having a comfortable 'alternative' lifestyle of living off generous and almost endless state benefits, that allow one to be better off unemployed then the average worker is working are quickly coming to an end. And I believe that a return to the philosophy of the National assistance board and "Wages Stop" era is on the horizon. Good luck with your "Boycott"
  8. Oh really Do enlighten me. Just what part of "Oh please let me keep a house 4 times bigger than I need. Fkn clueless fkn tw@ generation fkwt tw@s. I used to feel sorry 4 u knuts but your tw@ish repetitive drivel means you knuts deserve fk all" did I misinterpret ?
  9. I live in Australia and I'm one of those "old" people living alone in a three bedroomed house, it's only about 1,000 square feet of floor space so it's not too large Actually it was originally a four bedroomed residence but I use one of the bedrooms, as an office. That leaves me with the main bedroom , for my personal use a second bedroom for guests and the third bedroom I use as a hobby room. I like to do very large jig-saw puzzles ( think 6,000+ pieces ), so I need plenty of space to work on these. The house comes with a nice garden of about 600 square Metres leading to my private jetty which give me access to the local lake when I fancy a little fishing or just a pleasurable trip on the lake. I bought the house for it's size and location, it's relatively close proximity to the local town and it's lake access were both great selling points, but the 'deal clincher' for me was the size of the place, not too large, not too small......just right From the tone of your post it's obvious that you are a person with many problems and you have my sincere wishes that your social condition improves in the near future. Now could you please explain how my living in a smaller house could possibly help you or anyone else in a similar distressed state ??? If you can afford to buy something and want to buy something, then buy, it's as simple as that sonny. My not buying something will not magically enable you to buy it. My living in a larger house is not the cause of you subsisting in your camper, my having a decent quid in the bank is not the reason that you don't have a pot to piss in, my being very happy with my position in life is not the reason for your obvious unhappiness and distress. I feel you really must relive yourself of the need to blame others for your obviously miserable condition. I can imagine that living in a camper van is a far from ideal situation, but getting yourself all upset and making illogical statements will not improve your situation one iota. Please feel free to P.M. me if I can be of any further support There was a time when this site and this forum was both a source of useful information and a place where one could find meaningful debate, now it seems to have become nothing more than a drop in centre for socially challenged rough sleepers. Have a nice day
  10. "The couple have moved back to the council home they shared before netting their win". So they win over GBP 600,00 and "owned" their new home albeit mortgaged, yet still had a presumably empty council house to "move back to" when the crap hit the ventilation equipment ? As a previous poster stated, your country sounds phucked :angry:
  11. Oh Dear...... From the tone of your post I assume that you were either one of the unfortunates whose limited skills and experience were not required in this country and failed to get a visa. Or one of the fortunates who did get a visa but were just too weak and gutless to make proper use of it. Either way mate, you sound like just another pomie loser. Have a good one
  12. Don't rush to judgement.............it gets worse
  13. Forgot the 'mandatory' link ...... http://www.dfat.gov.au/aib/trade_investment.html
  14. Quite right that "something doesn't add up". The Australian Government site lists the export figures for Australia at over $ 200 Billion per year. Divided by your 22 million population number gives us ................
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