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  1. sent another email. what the hell is the BBC up to with this: All youre doing is shaming high street lenders like HBOS, when the blame lies 100% with the beggar, Sayara. I am so angry with the BBC. Why would you do this: is it because one of your journalists is friends with this woman, Sayara.
  2. Ive just written to the BBC complaining of the begger: Dear Sir/Madam I am very angry about the below content on the BBC's website. This woman has borrowed to buy property as a speculator. She is not poor. You have given her this forum to criticise her lenders e.g. Kensignton Mortgages, and yet they have no right to reply. Nor do you give the reader a chance to have their say. Why in God's name would you give this platform to a upper middle class woman who had bought too many buy to let properties, wont sell them, and keeps on going on about her debts and slagging off Kensigotn Mortgages, using her pregnancy as some excuse for her money hungry slefishness that results in house prices continuing to go up. Please remove this nonsense.
  3. Lets stop blaming the Govt for immigrants. For the past 3 elections the English people have had the opportunity to have their say and too many of us have voted for pro-immigration MPs and some of us are now suffering the consequences.
  4. This is it. This possible 0.50% increase in interest rates will destroy the housing market and bring down prices. Watch out Gordon youre completlety destroyed. Watch it and cry your eyes out.
  5. This is a bizarre thread. David Smith and Anatole Kaletsky are the only two columinsts who have been spot on with the their predictions. Its only been in the last 3 months that the others have been taking their line. What planet do you lot live on?
  6. They will fall, go up, or stay the same. Ive learnt over the years - as a bear - that no one, not even the Govt, not even Gordon, has any idea whatsoever what is going to happen. There's absoultley no point in speculating (unless its fun).
  7. We've heard all the hype about house prices being unafforadbale - which they are to some degree. The question is to what degree? Am I correct in thinking that the average person spend 17% of net income on mortgage and the FTB about 35%? If so, and if this is the reason why we assume that FTB are priced out of the market then I really wish I had done my own research before deciding not to buy 2 years ago. I think the average person should be able to spend a min of 50% of net income on mortgage payments. I am saving such a sum (inc my rent). How much do you spend on your rent/mortgage
  8. sun n sea - because they have a vast pool of labour who are abandoning the land and urbanising seeking the better life in the cities . but their wages wotn race away because there are millions of the buggers. This Govt is opened the doors to some highly able Eastern Europeans. Some of them will rent, some will want to buy - just as the Jews, the Indians, Pakistanis etc did. I do beleive we are now living in the 3rd economic global revoultion
  9. I think we are going to have low interest rates and inflation for quite a while. The China effect has many years left in it. 90% of the Chinese are still living in the rural economy.
  10. I was the uber bear with my friends. I can now see how wrogn I was. Ive asked myself why I beleived in a HPC. I think the main reason was that I beleived the hyperbole filled media on a HPC for the past few years. Ive started reading David Smith in the Sunday Times a lot more and have come to the conclusion that while there may be marginal falls we are not going to suffer sustained prices falls. I think the world and the country has and is changing. WHich is to say it wasnt a bubble but a structural change in the housing market. I dare say I will be shot down for this post.
  11. truly incredible. i bet she knows someone who works on the BBC - that can be the only reason they give her that platform
  12. thanks. alas i suspect the average Brit will not be happy to rent and will buy at any cost.
  13. Brown was never a lawyer. At least get your facts right. Isnt it past your bedtime?
  14. What will the consequences for you be if there is no significant correction in the housing market? What choices will you have left? Me: consigned to buying a sub-desirable 2/2.5 bed house in outer London with a monster mortgage (but one which I can get and can afford as I would go ultra austere and do nothing but pay of the mortgage)
  15. I have a friend. He was given £90K by his parents to buy a property. He borrowed a further £70k (the max he could get from the Halifax). He bought his property: £160K in East London. Two and a half years later similar houses in teh street are selling at £180-195K. This means that my friend could not buy his own house today. How is this sustainable? I dont know - but it continues! Only when the lenders stop lending ever increasing sums of money will there be any chance of a correction.
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