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  1. That's an interesting table of data you've got there. You can calibrate the accuracy of your formulae by putting in the same figures using one of the online loan/repayment calculators, such as this BBC one. This calculator shows an interest only payment of £372 (the same as your month 1 figure, and a total payment for the same period as £595.31 (a little higher than your £589.07). I have found that the Beeb's calculator does tend to add a few quid on to the equivalent formula in Excel. Another facet of comparison that you may find useful is comparing to rental yields, which I did a bit of when looking around to buy; the forum post for that one is here.
  2. Yeah, it does ... I clicked the link, and a window popped up asking me if I wanted to open it in Excel. You've missed the point. What I was getting at is that the need to download a non-text file is a barrier to people looking at the OP's work and giving feedback. Therefore I suggested that the OP just put details in directly in posts so they can be read and commented on.
  3. You're asking me to open an "ods" file straight into Excel ... how do I know what that file will do to my pc? Probably nothing, is the answer ... but I really don't fancy trying to explain to my boss why a work PC is knackered and this being the reason. So maybe you could put some of your calcs in the posts here or something so people can see your work without having to download files.
  4. Fair do's, we have notified the solictor that payment will be forthcoming. I do a bit, don't I
  5. Now that is an interesting point. He moved around quite a lot and never updated us with an address. So the address probably was invalid ... but I really can't think of a way of actually proving that.
  6. Yes, I second that myself actually. In fact, we have paid everything that we owe and on time. This point is about what the contract actually stiplulates what each party must do. Now, a part of that is that a tenant must be given an address at which to serve notice. If there is no such address, then - and the act explictly says this - any rent due will be considered as not due. Now, if our landlard had been competent then maybe we would've overlooked such a point. However, he was terrible. Never once was the gas safety cert renewed on time. We had no electricity for 3 days, during a time when our baby was 11 months old so we had to bring her from the nursery into our room because the monitors are mains driven. This also meant no hot water because the gas boiler is electricty powered. An other occasion, we also had no hot water for a period of 4 days. Both of these things came about as a result of a lack of maintenance coupled with a can't-do attitude. These are just the highlights, there is a whole catalogue of incompetence. We also had tradesmen knocking on the door to chase unpaid bills. Which was quite awkward for us because we had had to engage them in the first place because the landlord was unable/unwilling to make the arrangements himself. Yet still our standing order dutifully ran on time and in full every month. Here is the relevant text of the Act:
  7. Our landlord died in December 09 and our rental standing order was returned by the bank a couple of days after it was paid at the start of January. The standing order continued to be returned. When the solicitors gave us payment details for their account (start of April 2010), we stopped the standing order and set up a new one for them. They think we owe them for the returned standing orders. We think we don't because we did not have "an address to serve notices", and the LTA goes on about rent being considered as not due when no address has been furnished. This is an extract of what arrived today:- Thoughts and opinions?
  8. I agree that it's definitely worth pointing this out, as many others will read this post. I would've thought that the mortgage company (if this is mortgaged) would've at least insisted on Buildings Insurance being in place at the point of exchange.
  9. Keep £5k or so off the offer to pay for 6 months overlap rent ?
  10. If you've got one of those nearby, get a 6ft flourescent tube and stick it in the ground by about 12" vertically and directly below the cables. At night time you will be able to see the tube illuminate!! And if you touch part of the tube, the bit above your hand will be illuminated and the bit below will be off, as the voltage takes your body to earth. Went to an "art" exhibition near Bristol once where an array of maybe 100 such tubes had been assembled in a field under a pylon. Anyway, as a previous poster said, if it's a little wooden pole with 4 wires on it - 3 serve a property each, 1 is the common return, before moving on to the next 3 houses - then this is of little concern, in my opinion. We have one across the road at the front. And another post on our side of the road where the telephone comes from. It's part of the territory for ruralness. Also, a family member has one between there house and their border, where this about a 6' strip of land and they found it prohibitively expensive to move it when they wanted an extension, and ended up changing the plans to leave the post in place.
  11. You can give notice at anytime in the month, but it will not take effect until the following 12th. So - assuming you are at a future point in time when your contract permits termination - you send a letter maybe on the 20th of August to say you are terminating the tenancy. Lets also assume that your notice period is one month. So on the following 12th - that's the 12 September - your 1 month period begins. This means that you pay rent up to, and hand the keys back on, 11 October.
  12. Get your brother to call in at the Union's Student Welfare Unit (I guess your talking university student here?). They tend to have a lot of experience of dealing with duff housing. I did just that when we had a dump that was not being maintained. Their advice was to setup a bank account with all the housemates as joint account holders, and then to notify the agency that unless a (reasonable!) list of repairs were not carried out in a (reasonable!) amount of time, then rent would be paid in to this account instead of to them. We did this. The agency told us all the excuses under the sun as to why this was illegal / contract / eviction / whatever. But each month we would stroll in to their office with a new print out of the new balance. Within 3 months all the (reasonanle!) demands had been met and so we handed over the entire lot of rent arrears. Good luck. As Peasant says, it's a lesson learned.
  13. You could just send them a letter by Recorded Delivery stating the full amount of your deposit and any rent paid in advance, and stipulating that you want this returned within 14 days of receipt otherwise you will take them to the small claims court. Up to you.
  14. ro88, I'm not familiar with any new laws - could you post the names of the acts that the CAB has referred to, and also the name of the info pack that you've quoted from too. This just helps everbody pick up the same info. I'm not familiar simply because I haven't heard ... not trying to suggest that you're wrong at all. So as to when your last day is ... my understanding is that when you serve notice it will take effect at the next period of tenancy and so you are effectively given 1 months notice from that point, irrespective of when you posted your letter. Since your rental started on the 16th of the month, I would assume that your notice takes effect on the 16th following it being sent, meaning that you will finish paying rent on the following 15th. However, the text in section 126 (of your post) seems a bit vague regarding which prevails when considering a notice period: the day of the month on which a period of tenancy commences or the day of the month when rent is paid. This is my assumtion here: the period of tenancy remains as commencing on the 16th of each month and so you will no longer be liable for rent come the 15th. I'm talking here September because the notice you sent on 5th August will take effect on 16th August, counting 1 month from then. When the rent is paid is an administrative convenience; it is being paid with respect to a period of tenancy. But please note that this is my assumption - I'm no expert here!!
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