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  1. looks like he is confident about winning the election
  2. This is an interesting point and the " Continue Renting ? bit is the bit that is worrying me There is a few problems over the horizon there are no new stock to rent being built, BTL is finished for new btl landlords, lots of the existing BTL Is being repossesed all the while there are no 1st time buyers as deposits required are too high, also existing home owners who are repossesed are also having to rent. My conclusion is the availability of rented accomodation will diminish as more and more people rent this could lead to a rent price Bubble with not enough supply and too many renters landlords will increase rents causing a bubble.
  3. No doubt a canny BTL Investor has snapped it up, what will it rent for ?
  4. No its not over my friend whilst i accept the most recent downward spiral is over, the next one will be a biggie 2022 is my prediction for the 50% hpc
  5. Fear not my friend we had 17 good months of fun, now that it is going back up again our party is not over, even if it goes to rampant HPI Again this forum will survive until the next inevitable crash happens. This one peetered out at an average of 17% the next one will be bigger 2022 is the date mark it in your diary until then we dooms day predictors must prevail.
  6. Two Hundred and Eight Thousand pounds for a one bedroom flat is too much i feel this property will be on the market for a very long time.
  7. The problem is the Wheel, the housing market is like a huge wheel the crash not only stopped the wheel it sent it spinning backwards This has been going backwards for best part of 2 years in the last 5 months first the wheel stopped now it has started spinning in the normal direction again very slowly but none the less gong north :angry: This has been caused by an increase in buyers buying stuff that has been kicking around for years advised by EAs to submit overinflated offers :angry: All of a sudden sellers with who had lost all hope and were in despair to get there houses sold :angry: resulting in them having a short window to buy hence the wheel effect This wheel will now gather pace as its self propelling come next Spring with the election pending and QE Taking hold the bounce will take us past peak bubble as the wheel spins out of control
  8. You are wrong in terms of Edinburgh the crash is now at 8% from the highest price although some properties are way up on 07 prices the top winners are 2 and 3 bed flats the rest are affecting the crash and are dragging prices back up. Check out the latest Edinburgh figures and educate yourself http://www.home.co.uk/guides/asking_prices...burgh&all=1
  9. the truth must be faced as bad as the truth is, they were wrong the crash whimpered out at around 15 % in my neck of the woods, it is now a mere 8% and month upon month the margin is getting smaller. I Predict the next crash will be bigger i am predicting 2022 it will happen and it will be at least a 60% crash.
  10. Terraced houses have went up 21% in Edinburgh since October 07 there is no way i can afford one of these thats for sure i will continue to monitor the 2 bed flats which have crashed 11 percent there is hope http://www.home.co.uk/guides/asking_prices...burgh&all=1
  11. Down 8% in my neck of the woods although some property types have recorded gains as you will see from the stats shown the biggest drops are in 2 and 3 bed flats though but the massive gains on larger properties have distorted and affected the good losses made by the flats http://www.home.co.uk/guides/asking_prices...burgh&all=1
  12. They mention Brittish property speculators would panic and to avoid a fire sale its all hush hush, so shuuuuu keep this one quiet dont want to upset the speculators
  13. This is a good thread thats a decent drop the one at 137k that was 160k some of the new stuff that is coming up for sale in Edinburgh is close to the 2007 figures another poster kindly put this on one of the other threads this seems to explain why this is happening http://www.home.co.uk/guides/asking_prices...burgh&all=1
  14. Thank you i was wondering what that was
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