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  1. Thanks for this. Just watched it - amazing film.
  2. me too - why are they given so much airtime - its unbearable!!!!!!! Its as if they are still in power
  3. How is he allowed to have such an easy ride? Just nauseating to watch - I can't bear anymore! : Him and the green woman are making me ill
  4. met a friend for dinner - nearly choked when she actually said she doesn't believe things are that bad - no different to the past (recessions) will be the same this time! I was speechless. Same old shit about the tories being evil blah blah... Is ignorance bliss?
  5. God I agree - we are so fed up of waiting- we are living in a 1 bed flat with 2 kids - both working - good jobs - but refuse to lie and get into debt for rubbish properties. I just want slash and burn after the election!
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