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  1. This site should be called www.bittertwistedpeoplewhomissedtheboat.com Listen to you all. Everyone thinks they know best but really they know f"£k all.
  2. Cant say i have noticed yet.,,,,, Have you ever met William Von Seigmend?
  3. BTW its your title for the thread that winds me up. Read it to yourself and then tell me why?
  4. Unfortunately my Grandad didnt buy that house... If you were a homeowner I doubt very much that you would be moaning right now. As you are currently living in someone elses house, you are bitter. As he now wants to sell it and get the best price, you are bitter! Sounds like a jealousy thing to me............. If you stopped reading people's predictions on here then you would have made something of yourself by buying property. I did and I used my own brains to do it. I didnt listen to the doom and gloom merchants on here. If I listened to people views then I wouldnt have bought the house im
  5. This thread annoys the hell out of me........ If you was the landlord, you wouldnt be moaning about the rise in price that the house has achieved. Good luck to him. Its his house and if he wants to sell it then tough shite unfortunately. Why dont you go and buy? Houses have gone up in value over the years. My grandad could have paid £28,000 in the early 1970's for a house that is now worth £4.2m. Thats the way it is..... He can hold out for whatever price he wants......because he owns it.
  6. Lebanon Drive sold for 1.2m. Landlord wanted rid asap. The Stoke Road houses were nice. I think they achieved that money as they were in their own secured gated road, close to station, near the tilt etc. Front one was noisy. Rear right one was sold to an investor who rents it out. Small gardens as you say. I still think you have every chance of selling at the moment for the same relative prices we had then. 100% as there is no stock and good houses fly out. Go for it!
  7. I think you should go with your feelings. If I had listened to half of the stuff mentioned on here I wouldnt have got anywhere. There are a select few that speak so much sense ie Dr B but the vast majority are scare mongerers and wishful thinkers. However the site has a wealth of knowledge and is extremely entertaining. You should pick and choose what you decide to take from it. The Govt will not let the market fail and have propped it up no end. I think they realise that it was once a man and his dog and now it is a man and his property. If you buy right and account for a possible 20% dro
  8. Thats just typical. Didnt even see that advertised and im on it!! Case of sold to a developer and then advertised. Hate it when they do that. They did the same with my house though... May have bought a place in Walton... Not my prefered choice but you have to go where opportunity arises! I will tell you more if we exchange. pm me or email me if you want to speak to my builder.
  9. I live in the same town as Rachman and also near Noel and prices here are on another wave length compared to the rest of the UK. A house in a private estate in Cobham was on in 2007 for £975k. It was on the market for 1 year and didnt sell!! The owner wants to sell again now and the value.................................... 1m. That just about sums it up. And i bet it sells.
  10. Pinged! I didnt realise that it was so soon that you needed an estimate. Give me a bell and we will discuss. I didnt want it conflict with ours as we need him!! lol Thanks
  11. Weybridge flats are soooooo expensive. Have you seen that house in Links Green Way? The Chalet bungalow? Worth a punt at the right price but he wont budge.
  12. I didnt think you could build houses in summerhays! Would be fantastic road if you could.
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