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  1. I don't want to scare her... I went onto those sites (for real) and invested in silver last week which has been more than scary enough! I just want her to be able to test her knowledge and see if she can put it to good use, unlike myself she actually seems to have a good grasp of these things.
  2. Thanks, that's not a bad suggestion - her mum did something similar (a year long competition in the Guardian or something? She did well and won a decent prize) which is possibly what helped get my girlfriend into it. It would be depressing if you make loads, then get into it for real and start losing though. Shame there's no easier way into it with small amounts (ie avoiding Apple for a start!) Cheers
  3. Blimey, you sound like you have about as much idea on this as I do... except you invested a lot more into it Advice from someone who shouldn't be giving advice: If you can afford to hold out I would. I'm not sure how long it'll be, but I'm quite sure the prices will rise again to the levels you likely bought at, but whether that's in a day, a week, a month, a year...?
  4. Hi, My girlfriend has a certain passion for this type of thing, but is too scared to invest anything. Are there any sites that make trading a cinch (ie very clear and easy to navigate website) but also let you start from very small amounts? ie. a starting point of no more than £200-£300. I'm thinking if I could encourage her to at least give it a try, it'd give her a chance to test the waters so to speak and put her knowledge into good use. If she lost, I would of course offer to give her the money back since I'd be the one encouraging her to try it Thanks
  5. Do you think that we will see a similar bounce when (if?) it begins to approach $50 again? Also interesting what you said about 'the yellow stuff' - shame it costs so much to invest in though.
  6. Mind if I ask what exactly you invested in? Sounds like you have good insight
  7. That's an awesome post, thanks so much BNW! I do actually have Property Bee, it's fantastic at giving you an overview of each houses history, and probably gives some nice ideas on whether or not it's viable to haggle them down a bit or not I think I'll continue to look, just in case somewhere I really like comes up for a decent price, see if I can haggle them down a little bit, and if not? No worries, I'll just carry on waiting! I'm in no rush really, but wouldn't mind moving out I guess.
  8. This is a very interesting thread, just looking through some figures now, and yeah, based on local evidence it doesn't seem like there's any signs of a HPC coming here, in fact it actually seems to have stabilised! I currently live with my parents but am considering buying a house, I know there are countless fantastic resources scattered over this site and the forum, but is there one piece of reading anyone would recommend that could help me reconsider my decision? Thanks
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