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  1. Gordon will come out with a strong tax message that will result in Civil Revolt. Unlikely but maybe 2/1
  2. According to political theory and sampling, if you have one major issue people will vote for you.
  3. Like the BBC for instance, they increase contributions to cover shortfall. Holding around £8.1billion 2008 to £6.5bn 2009 (This in is 03 2009) They pay shortfalls in final salary pension schemes, they all do. It's meant to cover the volatility but the monster they created is all over the place. Councils, Government, BBC etc. Money in can never match Money out yet they all ignore it, even as they have fewer employees paying into a contribution scheme than pensioners claiming on the other side.
  4. According to Labour social Mobility has fallen as part of a long term trend, inequality is the highest is has ever been because the wealthy are getting wealthy. http://www.cabinetoffice.gov.uk/strategy/work_areas/accessprofessions.aspx The report was commissioned by the Prime Minister following the New Opportunities White Paper which examined the issue of social mobility and its importance for the economy and social justice, ensuring everyone has the chance to fulfil their potential and secure the jobs of the future. Last updated: 08 December 2009 It is their role as a creator of opportunities that has made the professions so important to the UK’s past and that makes them so central to our country’s future. The huge growth in professional employment that took place after the Second World War was the engine that made Britain such a mobile society. By opening their doors to people from a rich variety of backgrounds, the professions created unheard of opportunities for millions of men and women. In the decades since then, of course, social mobility has slowed down in our country. Birth, not worth, has become more and more a determinant of people’s life chances. But that may be changing. There is now evidence that the long-running decline in social mobility has bottomed out. And a big growth in professional jobs is creating the conditions for a second great wave of social mobility in the near future. The Panel on Fair Access to the Professions was established by the Prime Minister to advise on how we can make a professional career genuinely open to as wide a pool of talent as possible. I would like to record my thanks to the Prime Minister for asking me to chair the Panel. It comprises leaders in the professions and experts in social mobility. It is independent of government and cross-party in its make-up. I owe each of its members an enormous debt of gratitude for their insight and energy. They have been a pleasure to work alongside, as has the Panel’s excellent secretariat drawn from the Cabinet Office and the Strategy Unit
  5. They have about 26% according to Swansea Council although Teachers get around 16% from the council and use their own fund, not sure about 10%. Any extra liabilities falling on the Fund in respect of retirements under Regulation 26 31 or 35 of the 1997 Regulations or Regulation 18,19 or 30 of the Benefit Regulations should be financed by additional Employer contributions,
  6. U.K. equities £225,810,000 Overseas Equities £234,585,000 Net assets £735,685,000 About 68% Equities, expecting a 7% return The stock market hit every pension fund hard, but Swansea are doing very well this year since 03 2009. Good returns but the problem of money in being less than money out stays the same. They used to contribute 202% of the employees contribution but now only about a 40% return.
  7. According to Google Liability relating to defined pension scheme 2008 -£286,520,000 2009 -£423,570,000 Surplus/deficit(-) in the scheme: 2008/2009 -£362,800,000 Net new money into the Fund +£26,608,000 Decrease in value of investments -£153,138,000 Decrease in Fund value -£126,530,000 Total Employer/Employee contributions comprises of: Employers 2008/09 £47,678,000 Employees 2008/09 £15,245,000
  8. Public sector bills are very different, council tax non payment is a criminal offence. Under the Proceeds of Crime Act the council can seize assets from those who fail to pay them or those who claim single occupancy discount and they think (either through covert surveillance and wiretapping under RIPA or through anonymous tip offs) another person is resident. They can then seize all that persons assets and then bankrupt them. http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/ld200910/ldhansrd/text/91207-0002.htm
  9. It would be a missed interest payment for a month probably, like Argentina.
  10. They can build a great monument to the Labour party , nobody in history will forget Tony Blair. I humbly suggest this.
  11. You might find it ironic to know that most on here had no belief in deposit insurance, the media also reported on Ireland and compared it's GDP to the deposits it was supposed to cover.
  12. 'Legally Binding' doesn't really mean anything in terms of world trade. That ruling is under appeal anyway back from August according to that article but in reality they just lost in December. Are they really going to kick the worlds largest exporter out of the WTO ,will they even care? The USA is breaking the agreement on drug misuse, because of medical cannabis in California. Countries under this agreement should not be shipping drugs of any kind to the USA as a sanction. The worst they can do is sanctions, but countries all over the world have been playing that game against China under anti trade dumping laws, or punitive import taxes.
  13. However much cash it takes , they will also have access to National Statistics before anyone else so might announce May 6th close to GDP. Title: Gross Domestic Product: Preliminary Estimate - Q4 2009 Release date: 26 January 2010
  14. The only thing stopping China is that resources are sometimes in other countries. Once they get Africa up to speed they won't need much more.
  15. They got their house back and spent far too much on solicitors.
  16. The police told them it was civil because the article says the squatters showed a tenancy agreement. It will show a proof of interest in the property , that they have been given a right to occupy the premises by a legal tenant or lessee. Part of evicting the squatters will be where the Judge considers if they were tenants so if they want to defend themselves they will need to show the agreement or face being evicted. So they do need to have answers to those questions at least. Fact sheet http://www.hmcourts-service.gov.uk/HMCSCourtFinder/GetLeaflet.do?court_leaflets_id=245 Looking at it the police couldn't do anything anyway "If you do contact the police, you must hand them a copy of the interim possession order and a copy of the certificate of service of that order. "
  17. The % of total population isn't too bad. The number of people who are eligible and the % of those who are eligible who also claim is much higher, as is the funding of SNAP because of ARRA. Looks like a big problem getting bigger, solved by printing money.
  18. The science all shows very beneficial results from working even in phsycially demanding jobs for those over 65. Better physical and mental health, lower injury rate, improved support and social life. The negatives are working in a job with high mental stress, where the person doesn't enjoy the work and either in combination with existing poor health and/or financial contraints feels forced to continue. I think as long as people are capable and want to continue working they should be supported. The benefits of physical activity associated with work seem huge and could help those who do not enjoy self motivated exercise. T(hose aged 16-24 are already suffering from physical and mental issues associated with being out of work and are using education as an alternative. This could be responsible for the increasing drop out rate.)
  19. With the CANDU China are going to use Thorium. They have been working jointly with Canada, India are about to complete a new fast breeder Thorium reactor. The thorium fuel cycle in CANDU reactors is very good. Once they get more self sufficient they might sell us the technology,the French can come over to install it and India/China can supply the fuel.
  20. http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=67445 Beware Icelandic Banks
  21. So how does that relate to nuclear power, I don't remember them dumping unshielded nuclear waste into public spaces. Does petrol cause problems if you pour it over people?
  22. Any crisis makes the model more likely to fail the harder it is stressed. Failure unrelated to weather right now would cause huge problems. Just like withdrawing credit in a stressed financial system.
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