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  1. I don't trust my EA when they say won't **** in my mouth but what choice do I have?
  2. I have rifle safe with 7 rifles inside it. On one occasion I stayed home, parked my car around the block, didn't answer the door and the landlady found me starkers lieing on my bed It was several weeks before my little indicators were triggered again
  3. A bigger man than me would do that. But having been shown no mercy in the past it'd be a big ask for my tormentors to expect mercy to be shown to them when the tables are turned. In fact, I long promised myself that no mercy will be shown. Baby Boomers will have to eat dog food before I even have an ounce of empathy. Land lords will have to be bankrupt before they get a penny from me (without the threat of violence) Nope, expecting mercy from a man shown none is the epitome of futility.
  4. In Australia, a supposedly first world nation with the lowest population density on earth yet the highest house prices (WTF), if you rent you are most definitely second class. Landlords consistently claim that tenants have more rights than they do but that is absolute tosh. Tosh I say. My landlady lets herself into my flat every Friday and there isn't a damn thing I can do about it. Funny thing is that nor can she say anything about a few things she has a right to be cranky about but she can get F***ked as to raise them would be to admit opening my cupboards (which she has done). But yeah, in Oz you are classed as "tattooed (quilty as charged my lord) scum" if you rent. Nice attitude to your customer
  5. I didn't read a single word of that wall of text. I do hope you didn't contribute to the thread in any meaningful way because I dare say many people just skipped reading it.
  6. G'day Cobbers Just need a quick heads up where the best place in London is to buy Sovereigns at a fair price. Also a ballpark figure on said fair price would be neat. Looking at around 5k's worth Spanks heaps
  7. I was told that sticking to the left hand side of the road was so that people could fight using a sword in their dominant (right) hand. The French, for no other reason than to spite the British decided on traffic being on the right hand side of the road. That was the origin. British = Sensible, French = pig headed. Later it was a case of protectionism. One nations car manufacturers had to retool parts of their industry if they wished to export their cars to a nation who drove on the other side of the road. Being raised on the metric system Imperial measurements confounded me. It wasn't until the theory and origin of them that I learned a great deal of respect for it. Its not perfect that's for sure but nor is metric with its base 10 number system. I mean, what's 1/4 of 10?
  8. Firstly - My thanks to the OP for this thread. Secondly - thanks to all who contributed Here is something I put together when I had more than a few drinks under my belt. Apologies as the links didn't come through. My biggest shove towards minimilisation came as I got a scare from my landlady and I believed that I was going to get kicked out. I looked around at all my shi te and started filling my neighbours bins. That was quite a while ago now. But just before reading this thread I'd restarted in a small way. But this thread led to the story which led to other links which really opened my mind to the whole idea. So I've been busy throwing out stuff left, right and centre. Some of the stuff I possibly could have made a few bucks selling it but to be honest I just couldn't be artsed I just want the junk gone. So thanks all. Keen to hear more anecdotes ***************************** EDIT TO ADD I've been a long time member of HPC but under a different name (no longer suits and an old account) Anyway I distinctly remember reading a post where someone pointed out that with "stuff" getting smaller it makes moving easier and that made things easier for the renter. ************************* EDIT 2 I also got busted trying to ditch some of my missus DVD's (that will never be watched again. I mean - Once Were Warriors is a powerful fulm (kiwi accent) but watching it more than once?)
  9. Are you trying to work out which of your tenants you can attack with a weapon with little chance of them being capable of defending themselves? Anyway, you are the person whom advocates violence with weapons to obtain money. On the other hand I only support violence for self-defence or the defence of others and between evenly matched, consenting adults in the sporting arena.
  10. Seriously - Right this very minute, as I type this I have a knife at hand. If you took more a minute to get into my abode I'm just about finished preparing for a trip to the range and f me swinging if my coach gun and 00 buck weren't at hand. Bring it thug
  11. Make no mistake about it. If the bankers were to leave they'd ensure that the economy that was built on sand would be turned to glass (US parlance for nuking Middle Eastern Countries). In the Great Depression people in the US dragged bankers out onto the street and lynched them - in what will be known as the Greater Depression we bowed down and gave the bankers everything. Our grandchildren will treat our memory with utter contempt.
  12. Correct me if I'm wrong but the USA is a Republic and the UK is a Constitutional Monarchy. Please desist on referring to any Country other than Ancient Greece as being a democracy. Doing so clouds the issue at hand. And to be quite frank who the F*** wants to live in a democracy where popular vote can result in you losing your life or liberty? Seriously, reduced to absurdity two rapists can outvote their victim all day. That's not Kosher.
  13. People who think about it pay taxes because if they don't thugs will pay them a visit. People who don't think about it pay taxes because that's just the way it's done. As to what the taxes are spent on - The thing I keep foremost in my mind is the thought that whatever "they" do "they" do to maintain or increase power and wealth for the system and themselves. Everything is done to maintain that power - EVERYTHING.
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