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  1. Well the vendor finally gave us the letter but it's not good news :angry: Yea I'm guessing the Council must be the freeholder. Someone said to me that all flats in London are on leasehold - is that true? And if so, is the Council always the freeholder? Ah lovely.. the letter states the cost at over £10,800 but because of the mandatory cap, its limited to £10,000. I dont get why we weren't told before hand. Surely the EA + seller must know its a big potential deal breaker and surely its better to be upfront about it? It's a big house that is detached but 4 flats within the building. Thought ex-council are usually the big ugly block apartment styled buildings? Windows (repair/replacement), Communal internal decorating, Roof repair and damp rectification and repair to paths/drains/gutters/steps/front walls. So I guess it seems a big job... I've been told the service charge is just under £400 a year, is that different to the maintenance charges or the same thing? Hmm the vendor just say end of 2011 but I didnt see any date on the letter, guess I'll have to ring the council and see if they will speak to me. Tbh it doesnt seem like much improvement to the flat but to the building as a whole? Does anyone know how often they do works like this? Like if it's a one off once in a blue moon, I might be able to work around it but if they're going to be charging like £10k every 5 years, its a crazy sum and i'll look elsewhere!
  2. Cant know if Partners for improvement of Islington or Homes for Islington but seems to be the former.. Looks like this though: http://www.partnersislington.net/standard_1.aspx?id=12:34857&id=11:34263
  3. I'm not sure if this is the right sub-forum but thought it makes more sense here. We found a property we like and had come close to agreeing a price and proceeding and then the vendor informed us that the Council (Borough of Islington) have sent him a letter saying that in Dec 2011/early 2012 they want to do repairs on the property and state a maximum contribution figure of £10,000. Estate agent trying to reassure us it won't be much and very slim chance, but I wouldnt trust him as far as I can throw him! Just wondering if anyone else knows much about this? How often do they do these sorts of repairs? Obviously it depends on the property and the condition whether much work is needed or not but usually do the Council leave it till in bad condition then foot you with a massive bill or is it periodical repair and hence never much? I've not bought a leasehold in London before so I'm a bit unsure as the way it all works. Thanks for any help!
  4. Opinions on Shepherd's bush? West London, seems nice-ish or am I missing something?
  5. Southwalk seems pretty expensive so thats kinda putting me off a little. Can you tell me a little bit more about Bow? Safe/not safe? Prices are decent and I'd be on the district line and close enough to make commute times not too long so those are the positives for me. So long as the basics are around, im happy just more concerned about safety/how the area is etc? Been looking at So Bow on Ordell St Queensgate House on Hereford Road Rosegat House on Hereford Road Saunders Apt Christopher Bell Tower Omega Works As blocks to live in. How is the commute tedious? Are the stops just very long on the tube or something?
  6. Thanks for all the help, very useful Although I've heard not so great things about Bermondsey being rough..?
  7. Err.. so which part of East London was this? Just for future reference.. I've been looking at the Bow Road area, seems to be a lot of flat complexes which look nice So Bow on Ordell St Queensgate House on Hereford Road Rosegat House on Hereford Road Saunders Apt Christopher Bell Tower Omega Works But the problem is I cant find much about Bow at all, I dont know if thats a good thing or a bad thing?
  8. Sounds nice but bikes have always seemed a death wise to me, especially in London! Im not so great on a bike
  9. The tube estimates seem more around the 20-25min mark even at zone 2? (say using Bow station or Stratford). Unless you mean from my place leaving the door to entering the building of the work place? In which case, yes I understand the 45 min mark and thats what im aiming for? It's just easier to estimate the distance in tube/bus routes and then add say 20 mins walking travel.. I didnt think class/colour/background would make that much difference.. so long as its safe ill be ok (im thick skinned)
  10. How lovely.. ill ask my architect friend in London, he can spot an ugly 1960s building from miles away
  11. Thanks for the help (ill bear the advice in mind ) The route sounds good, just need to see prices of property.. looks expensive at first glance.
  12. Well I know my budget is a bit of a dream but I had to start somewhere. Looks like ill be able to look more at the 270k-300k budget now but we'll see what happens. Btw how do you know if its ex-local council flats? Im presuming I should be steering clear?
  13. What is to particularly like about an area? I've lived in 4 or 5 different places and they've all been fine for me. Whether I buy a place or rent a place, i'd still need to pick one place. How would you be 'jazzing' 250k up the wall? Just because you buy a property does not mean the property value becomes nil the next day, it will (assuming you buy at fair value) roughly hold its price in the short term. Sure, theoretically prices can go down again but there seems to be no particular indication that the outlook is getting worse and if anything, things are slowly starting to recover. Unless you know something everyone else doesnt?
  14. My dad is looking to buy as a long term investment, and since im moving to London anyway, I'd get it for now. If I didnt like the job/place, I'd just move elsewhere but he's happy to keep and invest in it anyway. I cant exactly rent for a while at each area to see which I prefer but so long as its relatively clean, safe and has the basics and well connected with transport, Ill be happy with whatever the area is. Im pretty non-fussy, will be working long hours and probably meet all friends in the central anyway. Seems a waste to spend a year or 2 renting when that money can go towards a mortgage. Especially as the funds for buying are already there (and dont want prices going up again slowly..) Ill have a closer look at Clapham South, Southwark and Bow then. (Probably try and go down for a couple of weeks; visit the areas and check out some houses). Thanks for all the help guys!
  15. I have some knowledge of the areas of London through research I've been trying to do on the net and stumbled onto this forum (+sub-forum). I'm moving to London due to a job starting later this year (have 4 or 5 months yet). The closest tube station to the firm is Blackfriars (closed for work) so will be using Temple for now. I didnt want to live particularly far from the centre - is 20-30mins (via tube) unreasonable? I hope not Looking for a 2 bedroom property in a decent area for say around 240k-280k. The areas that I had somewhat narrowed it down to where; Camden, Stratford, Docklands area, Bow, Southwark, Clapham South, Bermondsey. Each time I try to find more information, I tend to find one good, then a bad thing! - Camden seemed nice and recommended by a fair few but then I found another source suggesting its 'quirky' and dangerous at night and lot of drug users around? - Stratford doesnt seem highly rated on this forum, it did seem rough... - Bermondsey I've not found that much information about, but some suggested it is a bit dangerous too. - Southwark ive been able to find very little information about, some property very expensive, some affordable but the great advantage of being so close to work? - Docklands was suggested by some family (who's opinion I dont trust enough to take their word for) due to Olympics investment etc but then on this forum, seems to suggest that it probably wont improve the area that much either? - Read decent things about Clapham but not sure about Clapham south, again can be difficult to find information! - Bow looked nice with some of the flat complexes and its on the district line too with the tube. Wasnt sure about the area entirely either? I could be completely off the mark with some places, probably have missed out other places in my searches and that's why I've come to you guys! Thanks for any help, appreciate it
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