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  1. Trust me Nottingham is nothing like detroit http://www.detroitblog.org/index.php?s=nature its reverting to Prairie! Its also lost half its population in the last thirty years.
  2. "Housing market stories have appeared on the front page 13 times on the 57 front pages I checked so far this year. A Daily Express reader's home isn't just his castle, it is his daily news as well" At the start of the year house prices were rising, according to the Daily Express, by 15%. Come the 13th of February, however, and that rate had fallen - a swingeing fall I suspect - by a third, to just 10%. However, two weeks later, on the 26th of February, house prices were soaring "again". Surely "again" implies that at some point they weren't soaring? Or is it just that the Daily Express will
  3. Tried to post this also, its fantastic. good visualisation for those that think it only ever goes up.
  4. This is fantastic, really good visualisation for the layman http://www.speculativebubble.com/videos/re...ler-coaster.php alt links http://one.revver.com/watch/223100/flv/affiliate/79294
  5. RE the Olympics costing, Need to do your homework again Dog, it was Price Waterhouse Coopers who prepared the woefully inadeqaute costing of the Olympic games. Presumably it was PWC who also forgot to add VAT. Private sector at its best.
  6. Youre right they are making an **** of the IT in the NHS, know why? Because its being delivered by the private sector Fujitsu i believe. Remind me is it public or ptivate sector thats bad. Other examples of the private sector robbing your taxes include the inland revenue mapley house scandal. Some great asset management there, well if youre a shareholder / VC that is. You whine and moan about the public sector and paying taxed, who,built the infrastrucutre that allows the private sector to exist. Take the roads I'm sure the majority here would complain about the congestion charge, what wou
  7. Once the North Sea oil runs out I can see Scotland being shafted by Westminister. "Reduce the Barnett fml distribution" they'll scream. Who cares if they go independent, they have nothing left to offer. In the last referendum on Scottish Independence in the 70s of those that voted the majority voted for independence however the proportion voting wasnt large enough to force regime change as laid down in the rules set by Westminister. The rules were particularly stringent as there was no way at that time the treasury could afford to lose the oil revenues. There is now a growing number of infl
  8. one of the objectives of ID cards is to reduce the threat of terrorism. However its a flawed argument. We should be concerned with risk of terrorism. For example more americans drown in the bath every year than die through terrorist plots. Why dont we have a war on baths? And the recent nonsense at the airport, i suggest you read the following to see how plausible it would be to create an explosive from combining liquids. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2006/08/17/fl...et_terror_labs/ The fear of terror is the biggest scam on the part of government ever and the vast majority lap it up. It app
  9. I think the problem is clear from looking at the schedule. BEDROOM: 9’10” x 11’0” BEDROOM:9’10” x 8’0” BEDROOM:12’0” x 9’4”BEDROOM:8’10” x 6’7” That last one is no more than a glorified cupboard and the others are not much better. I'm trying to avoid schadenfraude as ive just bought (circumstances dictated it).
  10. Its a simple argument really. We have finite resources, India and China want their share, thats 2 billion potential middle class people wanting to live like us. The cake is not big enough so we will all have to have less. Our standard of living will go down theirs will go up and we will meet in the middle. So i am afraid the globalisation is good argument is crap. We wont all get richer. Unless of course we grab those resources first ie Iraq. See you all in Iran.
  11. good old Google Cache, I tried to find it but my google fu skills are weak. Wonder why they changed it. Anyone fancy writing a letter to them for an explanation? Maybe we should look out for more of this post publication editing and link them on the wiki. Might make for some interesting reading. Do you think a pattern would emerge? I have some mixed feelings about this. One of my friends just bought 130k worth of property in the new Gorbals. I'll let you do your own research on the history / reputation of the Gorbals. Its indicative of the stall in new build prices, go to rightmove and l
  12. Someone help me out here. I cant find anywhere in the linked article where it says Glasgow prices dropped by 12% in the last quarter. Has it been amended. If so is there a cache? This is important to me as i live in Glasgow in rented accomodation with 2 kids. I'm desperate to buy a house with a garden but on one wage its not happening.
  13. since none of us are daft enough in real life to get into the property market just now heres a little online diversion. Mansion Impossible. The aim of the game is to get the 10 mill mansion. We should have a competition with singing pig. Determine whether they have just been lucky with the markets or whether they are truly adept property developers. Ps the rumours are not true that Property Gurus portfolio is in fact an entirely fictional online construct.
  14. Going against the flow but I personally dont think 80k -120k for some of these positions is overpaid. They have to compete against the private sector to employ the best people. They are in charge of huge depts with massive budgets and staff numbers you need the best. Put your CV in and see if you get an interview. I agree that 5k pension for war vets is paltry but the public sector hasnt defaulted on it pension obligations unlike the private companies who all decided to take pension holidays when the going was good and now have billions in shortfalls. There is waste I agree but its not dayli
  15. Another application for silver is anti bacterial bandages which prevent infection. Dont know much more than that, I read about it a week ago and then funnily i saw it again shortly after in an advert for a new elastoplast product. It stuck a chord so I have invested in some. I also have another question, whilst trying to do some reading on silver before buying, i noticed a few websites which implied that silver prices were being kept artificially low by some shadowy cabal. Is this nonsense or is there an element of truth in it? Peachy
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