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  1. hello everyone just had the flat i am just about to buy surveyed and valued, and it was valued at exactly the same as the asking price.....seems a bit strange its bang on how accurate are these valuations? or do they just agree with the valuation if roughly in same ball park.... just out of interest really if anyone knows....can i ask surveyor for his exact opinion? or should i just stick to what the report says for the bank?
  2. cheers sherwick.... i also looked at crouch end but that was £250k for a 1 bed 600 sq ft flat...... also it was a bit out of the way of any city life so i decided on nw6.... if you live in NW6 does it not seem normal that a 1 bed flat is that price? as all the places i looked was in this kind of price range with 2 beds being 300k...
  3. hi its got a lease of 106 years left and since bought in 2007 it has had total refit so looks very modern now..... cheers
  4. yes it is a small flat.... but all the flats i have seen in NW6, near queens park are 1 bed flats...average is 500 sq ft...and all cost between 240-280k......... i think if you wanted this size flat in mayfair you could double that price...... do you actually know the area i am talking about? i am looking for help from people who know about this area, and housing prices....i understand that i a might be paying over by say 10%, maybe a bit more, but i like the flat........just dont want to get totally stung..... and am grateful for help already given, but dont think your comment is correct to be honest.... i currently live in leyton and for 250k i could buy a house here ... but i want to move to NW6 for work reasons.....and didnt realise how expensive it all is there......i dont mind paying that kind of money for small 1 bed flat if that is the going rate....and from what i have viewed over last month a 500 sq ft 1 bed flat near queens park costs 250k and above........just wanted other people who live / looked in nw6 for more than last month to let me know if this is correct.... thanks frank
  5. its 472 square feet...one bed flat....near the queens park (the actual park)... i like the flat , and dont mind paying a bit over the odds but dont wont to get totally caught out ... at the moment im just relying on what the survey says its worth and hoping i can trust it ... i have also looked at a lot of flats...west hamstead/kilburn/maide vale/maide hill and to be honest its one of the nicest ive seen for under £250k.... it just puzzles me that if it was worth £240k in 2007 why its more now...unless they got it real cheap at the time for some reason???
  6. cheers for that.... i think brondesbury is kind of nice...its nearer to queens park end than kilburn to be honest.... also im not sure if prices have gone down 20% everywhere...surely 10% is more likely around brondesbury/queens park....nw6....so that would make it kind of ok.....240k - 10% is 216k + 25k for refit = 241 or is this way off the mark???
  7. thanks for reply i have seen about 20 places in NW6 area, and its actually the biggest and best flat i have seen for the money.... however this may be because there are so few places on market at the moment. but.....seeing that price it was bought for in 2007 has got me a bit worried.....for the very fact you stated.....why would it be same price since boom? am i right in thinking that the bank will do a valuation and then let me know how much it is really worth?
  8. hi there i need a bit of help on house prices/values in the london NW6 area, if anyone could help. i am a first time buyer and found a nice little flat in brondesbury - NW6. the price is 250k, and i was very happy to get accepted at this price, because i have been looking in area, west hamstead, kilburn park, belsize road, and the flat i found was a good size compared too what else was available for under 250k.....it was also done up really nicely... but i have seen on the internet sold prices that it was last bought in august 2007 for 240k. since then it has been refitted with new wooden floors/kitchen and so on....but that means it is same price now as in peak boom 2007 which makes me worry that i am paying too much and as soon as i buy it will be worth less and i am in negative equity.... does anyone know if NW6 prices have gone down much since 2007? many thanks for any help on this.... Frank
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