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  1. so much for the recovery, this is a blow to hard working graduates who after years of private education and university have the comfort of the dole to look forward to, well done Gordon Brown what was it you said no more boom and bust.
  2. I Would be interested in seing this chart as well, i am sure they have got there sums all wrong
  3. My friend went through a similar situation, as regards the damp, it seems mould growth and condensation, is caused by the lifestyle of the occupants of the house, once she moved out the house had no damp, she ended up with her wages being arrested and now has to pay 250 per month from her wages till the debt which was just over 3k is paid. So once your husbands wages are arrested they cannot take it all just a certain amount per month that is agreed between each party.
  4. That is shocking and very greedy they should give a percentage to charity, that place is never worth that amount
  5. I Agree but the fact is no one has a clue where all this money is going
  6. I Wonder how much they made from there ticket sales ?
  7. My god you are right, do you think the person who won it is selling it off ?
  8. From what i can gather, the chancelor has got all his predictions wrong, it makes you wonder does David Cameron really want the job of sorting the almighty mess that he will have to deal with once he takes over next May.
  9. If this is true, it is a huge cover up by the Government, and is shocking news.
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