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  1. We had found a nice house in Ely, which we liked. But the survey showed some problems and we decided to pull out. I am still thinking about Newmarket. Yes, there is something off putting about Newmarket, but the houses seem to be priced well and the properties are really nice too. Maybe Newmarket is outside the Cambridge bubble? House prices are going up in Cambridge at an amazing rate. Or is it me that feels this way? Hm?!
  2. Thanks dapperdave. I didn't know much about Newmarket but that is the feeling I got: not a great place to be living in. I don't know why. As you say Ely is a really nice place and the area around the Cathedral particularly beautiful. I am wondering how it must be to live on a streets such as Broad Street? The Victorians there look very nice. Prices in Ely are much more reasonable compared to Cambridge and the good train connection between Ely and Cambridge / London make it a good commuter city.
  3. Hi, I am new to this forum and am very happy I found it. Considering the high property prices in Cambridge and some of the surrounding villages, cities such as Ely and Newmarket look like good options. Especially properties in Newmarket have much better prices compared to Cambridge. I think I would position myself as a bull and think this is a good time to buy. But I am not very familiar with Newmarket. Can anyone explain the price difference and whether Newmarket is a good alternative to Cambridge? What is the rental market like and what about capital growth for a well maintained Victorian house? Any help, ideas and insights are highly appreciated. Many thanks.
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