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  1. My plan was to get a mortgage in principle before offering so I can prove that we have the money for it. Now when I get a mortgage in principle I was thinking of getting one for 160k, however what do you tell the vendor, that I have a mortgage in principle for 145k? one for upto 160k? I dont want them to think I will go that high but iwant one for more than my first offer? Not sure if that made sense
  2. Thank you guys, i think it is easy to be bullied into thinking an offer is 'ridiculous' by EAs so I shall watch that and make sure that I am armed with all the information I need to support my offer.
  3. Hi all I was hoping you may be able to help me with your expert opinions and advice as I am new to all this house buying business. Okay - so very keen on a house, it is in the area of Sale in Manchester. Specifically it sits on the border line of Sale and Sale moor - the importance of this is that Sale Moor is the less desireable bit of Sale and this house I would argue is Sale Moor Its a 3 bed semi detached with garden and a double drive way, its on for 170k - the current owners bought it for 170k in 2007 - its in good condition, a neutral decor but the garden needs improving the average house price for the road is: 2008 - 188,750 2007 - 177,680 2006 - 180,000 2005 - 168,500 2004 - 164,000 Zoopla says the property is worth 164,000 (not sure how reliable this is) The vendor is not in a chain (still need to find out whats going on with them). As buyers I think we are a good prospect, it is me and my fella, we arent in a chain and we are not in contract on our rented property, although we havent got a mortgage settled yet, our financial advisor has said due to our deposit and earnings we wont have a problem getting one for the value we want to borrow. I was going to start negotiations at around 150k, is this too low, too high? Any advice appreciated!!
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