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  1. The key rates I'm keeping an eye on are the cheapest 5 and 10 year fixes (YBS and N&P). They will be an interesting signal.
  2. I suspect prices may rise slightly next year (HTB2, FLS funds remaining, potentially more shifting towards 30/35yr mortgages, looser lending criteria, BOMAD funds still out there), then level as the props are removed and then gradually fall as IRs start to rise. I've no idea of the timescales involved. My biggest concern (& potential for undermining a correction) is that people will become normalised to the concept of longer-term mortgages, and potentially even inter-gen. That's without even considering true horror scenarios such as the Icelandic give-away...
  3. It will spin on for some time yet. I agree with the 'not imminent but inevitable' comments. It will be seen as a vote winner because it is a vote winner - but for how long? Both this weekend and last both the Guardian and Telegraph had articles which were 'anti-HPI'. It may be that the media stance starts to turn in which case 'HPI = votes' may not be correct. Having said that I believe interest rates will remain low for some time yet. I have a decent chunk of my savings in various types of bonds and (after a brief hiccup in the summer) don't see anything in their values to imply increasing rates any time soon. I also think we have really yet to see 30yr, 35yr and 40yr mortgages pushed - as per another thread on here recently with a happy 28yr old who had taken on a 35yr mortgage on a two bed flat in Manchester. If interest rates rise sufficiently there is also the possibility of future tax relief on mortgage payments to help the poor indebted. You may think the young/screwed/disenfranchised would not stand for it - maybe. All I see is apathy.
  4. Current rental isn't exactly cheap at £1500pcm. Anything similar available is significantly higher cost. Not sure what we'll do to be honest. If there was something we felt moderately reasonable we'd probably buy - but I can't see anything.
  5. We're 2.5 years in our current rental and each year the landlord has put it up for sale 'for the summer'. This year it was listed again in June. We've not had a single viewing request, then three across this week and last week. Making up quite nervous as our tenancy expires end Dec so it is awkward timing. Is this HTB2 or coincidence I wonder. If one of the current crop wants the place then we're unlikely to have the time to buy somewhere (nowhere on the cards) and my other half is desperate to avoid renting again (one child starts school Sept 14 so Jan 13 is application time - an awkward time to not know where you will live). Sick of how long this has been kept going now. As per the other thread I readily admit to naivety. I have no beliefs now as far as house price directions go. My fear is that the PTB have now bought into house prices as their primary policy and it will overrule everything else. So when IR rise - has to happen - what will we see? Tax relief on Mortgage Payments looks increasingly likely to me.
  6. Mains electric ~20k as Bonse says. Mains water. Antique diesel generator outside for electric. Septic tank drainage. Tank is on neighbouring land so possibly will be asked to build your own. Internally house needs reconfiguring and everything doing as you might expect - flooring, wall coverings, decor, kitchen, bathrooms. Roof looks broadly ok. Some brickwork but looks like pointing sorted not too long ago - probably when the extension (to left of house as you view front door) was added. All window frames/doors due replacement. Major expense is going to be doing something with and/or demolishing outbuildings, new fence, gates etc and landscaping in general. Contrary to some others I do actually like the spot itself. Far enough away from the kennels imo and the various footpaths lead to a school, ok pub, garden centre/cafe etc. Not the best school catchment. Agree not the best looking house. Wouldn't be surprised to see the buyer add a large extension (for develop/flip purposes) and render the whole thing. I believe it will go for considerably over guide. Also have been given the impression (can't ellaborate I'm afraid) that the reserve will be far above the guide. I wouldn't be surprised if it bids above the guide but falls short of an optimistic reserve.
  7. Still look strong. L2 order book showing 146 buyers vs 70 sellers. Be interesting to see what happens tomorrow (more sells as more private investors 'first time into shares' can sell?)....a lull during November?....then an upsurge for Dec as we get closer to it heading into the FTSE100 and the scope of those trackers? All a wild guess
  8. Yes I know the area pretty well - we've been sporadic visitors to Ned Yates for a number of years. Didn't know about the traveller situation. We have looked at this recently. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-28193979.html There are numerous related lots but I will spare you all the RM links. Odd situation. Bloke and his wife divorced so split the house, but selling at the same time. Priced far below equivalent houses in Lymm presumably to 'drum up interest' and/or act as a marketing net for the EA. Said they'd had ~70 viewings (no reason to doubt it as we didnt go at the beginning and saw ~20 groups whilst there), a bunch of offers on the table and were expecting the lots to go for double the list prices. They need a fair bit of work but I do think they will go well above asking, not sure about double.
  9. Impressive research as always. The NIMBYism is strong in some of those comments (both articles)
  10. Ah ok. Not that I know of and my other half is semi looking for work so I suspect she would have mentioned a bunch of vacancies. I was hoping for an influx of listings from the Astra relocations from Alderley Park down to Cambridge. However from a number of conversations and second-hand anecdotes a lot of people appear to be turning down the offer and staying here with other companies. Only anecdotes as I say so my current view may in inaccurate,
  11. RH? I've been past this on three of the open slots and seen a total of ~80 people looking (sorry not Alty/Hale): http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-28178643.html
  12. Understand your frustrations Venger. Have given up promoting my views of overpriced houses and pending corrections - what's the point when I've been consistently proved wrong (at least in terms of the evidence over the last few years). There is a window of people who have been shafted and we fall within that. I've said before that I now expect to buy in advance of any correction as I suspect it is years away. I have every expectation that when IR rise there will be a new gov initiative to minimise the impact for those mortgaged to the hilt further punishing those who are not. I am now just focused on finding somewhere of relatively good value to minimise the impact of any correction. Having said that we've been looking for 3 years so clearly struggling with that. We had a bbq recently with a number of neighbours. One talked about how they though they "made their money on property" during the 1990s, then were surprised at how much more they'd made in the 2000s. I raised the 'affordability for their kids' question and they agreed, but not too concerned as they'd simply bought houses for both their children.
  13. Don't know how much impact the policy will have, but yesterday the main topic of conversation at one end of my current office (where a number of grads/early 20s) was all about which between H2B1 and H2B2 they 'were going to go for'.
  14. Would agree on Chorley. Clitheroe is very different though. I'd be looking at travel times/routes into Manchester.
  15. Only Clitheroe from that list. If you've not been it's worth a visit. Appealing place.
  16. Sentiment change (like a yo-yo) http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-42123176.html
  17. Agree. I see asking prices increasing in the areas I'm looking. No existing listings putting up prices (in fact some falling which are stupidly priced) but new listings are at existing or higher levels. In the medium or long term something has to change but I've no idea what that timeline looks like. We have looked at four places that we were genuinely interested in over the last few months. All have gone SSTC and several have sold although not yet available for me to see the land registry numbers. My rent has been static for 2.5 years. Last renewal they wanted to increase it and we said no. We pay a lot and it;s a fairly unusual place so not many to compare to. Suspect he will try and increase at the end of the current period.
  18. 'Positive sentiment' seems to be having an impact in some of my areas. Bramhall semi for 650k. Would have been ~560k a year ago. Vastly above the road peak for the house style/size. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-40727473.html
  19. And now the same thing with the cheadle hulme house I posted. Hmm...
  20. Not sure if you're jokingly referring to the whole NW as close to Liverpool or you've mixed Cheadle Hulme up with somewhere else. If the former then we could sadly find you many examples of houses in Cheshire vastly more overpriced than that one....and don't take that to mean that house is cheap...
  21. Not something I'll be buying into - the valuation looks high. I have some money in companies related to property including builders, as a (relatively minor) hedge against the fact I don't own a house. The only part of my investments which depress me when they go up...
  22. It's a 'solid' house and spacious, No garage. Needs complete refurb and presumably things such as central heating & electrics. Good school catchment. Anyone wanting it would be made not to try a low-ball offer when it's presumably a probate and has sat unsold for a while. I think it will go for between 560 and 590. If someone managed to get it closer for 500 than 550 I'd say they'd got it for a decent price.
  23. I should start hiring myself out.....went to SSTC the same day I posted it here
  24. http://www.manchesterconfidential.co.uk/Property-and-Business/Altrincham-Market-Can-Nick-Johnson-Re-invent-It
  25. Unusual. Snapped up quick or sit around? http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-40688686.html?backListLink=%2Fproperty-for-sale%2Ffind.html%3FlocationIdentifier%3DUSERDEFINEDAREA%255E%257B%2522id%2522%253A540617%257D%26maxDaysSinceAdded%3D1%26index%3D10&onetime_savedPropertyId=40688686#summary40688686 700k for 3 beds, sat behind ugly commercial buildings, backing onto a primary school....but unusual style house for Hale and large plot.
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