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  1. A relative of mine in Crewe told me recently that the local council have come up with a novel idea of utilising vacant sheltered housing stock. They rent them to Polish immigrants who have come to work in the town. Wizard idea doncha think?
  2. She lay back and thought of Northern c o c k...............sorry Rock
  3. I saw this programme. Without putting too fine a point on it imo it was a classic example of vi greed. I hope the vacuous air head and her plank husband get turned over for hundreds of thousands. Two more smug people I have yet to come across
  4. ITV teletext page 319 subpage 6. House prices rose 0.7 per cent in April?????????????????????????????????
  5. In your case bt on your winkie perhaps
  6. DebtquestionsUK is an excellent site for those considering bankruptcy. It is informative and well run. The prats that look down on bankrupts are given short shrift on the site and are not welcome. Some basic facts on self insolvency The receiver is NOT interested in your belongings unless they are of high value. After an income and expenditure statement is submitted by the bankrupt and there is around a minimum of £200 a month surplus you may have to enter an arrangement to pay 50% of the surplus for 36 months Bankruptcy restriction orders are implemented on those who have shown a wilful disregard to their situation e.g. gambling or getting credit with no intention of paying it back. If you are a homeowner you will have a minimum of 12 months before you have to sell. There are a number of circs where the sale might not be forced thru. Anyway visit the website and become debt free it's wonderful.
  7. I wonder why the various plonkers in tv production persevere with the above mentioned programme and others of a similar ilk. Allsop et al have talked up the market so much in the last few years and got so many people into debt with their vi and spurious prose ...........demand exceeds suppy, immigration, buy now or you will never get on the ladder, There was one presenter who ( recently) confidently predicted his own home would be worth far more in 12 months time. I presume he worked for one of Allsop's property development companies. Pack it up your days of talking up house prices are numbered. I suppose it will be the great investment opportunities in Bulgaria, Hungary etc next. I predict a complete crash over the next 2 years. Sit it out ladies and gents and when it has bottomed (if you are so inclined) fill your boots. I was a sell to renter in the early nineties, brilliant move on my part. Subsequently bought very cheaply. Sold again 18 months ago to rent. I'll ride this one out and go in again.
  8. Firebug, I fully agree with what you say. I would suggest however that this government has fulled the dreams of avarice of these BTLers and now the reckoning day is fast approaching.
  9. The present situation reminds me SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much of the late eighties in relation to property and the general economic situation. The housing time bomb is ticking away very nicely thank you and the momentum is gathering apace.In 12 months there will be no hiding place for the BTLers or the Kirstie Allsop types and their ilk. She and her associates have a lot to answer for as do the Shipsides of this country for hyping the market. Do you think we are idiots when you tell us that HIPS is responsible for the present downturn? Since when does a few hundred quid equate with a 6.8% price downturn in London? The housing market is well and truly F***ked.................wake up and smell the coffee and stop talking absolute crap! Don't tell me about migrants coming to London,and more accomodation beinbg needed for them 90% of them will NEVER be able to buy at the moment. Maybe in 12 months when the greedy BTLers are on their uppers and facing bankruptcy! Oh yes, please, not the one about City bonuses distorting the market, what proportion of workers in London work in the finance industry? Not enough to affect the market in the way that is suggested. The day is coming when once again people will own a home they can call their own and live in be comfortable and be happy. When these BTLers state 'Oh I bought it to make a pension fund for myself , what they mean is, I'll get a tenant to pay me a rent and then I'll move on to the next property and further inflate property prices. (Roughly translated to I am a greedy b***tard and don't give a s h i t about anyone else.) If you wanna pension fund effing well contribute it yourself. Not off the backs of the have nots! Rant over PS............The days of your dreams of riches are over.
  10. I am British by birth, part of a two parent family, have always worked for a living, brought my kids up to repect the rights of others and to have some kind of respect for the laws of this country. I would therefore suggest that my chance of getting a council place are f***ing ZERO
  11. This country is heading for a financial meltdown never seen since the the late eighties in terms of house prices and personal debt. I am not gloating but I sold in London Autumn 2006 and put the dough in the bank. I am presently renting in a property bought by the landlord Autumn 2006 for £229000. If he raised a deposit of 15% for a buy to let mortgage he is in all probability minus his deposit in terms of the value of the flat (or will be very soon) Next door is up for 205000, Maintainance charges have gone up. water rates, inflation around 4%. I almost feel sorry for him hahahahahahaha.
  12. 6.85 % drop in the ask price Corresponding drop in sale price Lovin it lovin it lovin it
  13. 6.85 drop in December.......shame
  14. Page 237 to-day on BBC2 is interesting........more on The Truth About Property on tv this evening. Those people in Manchester and elsewhere must be sick as parrots.
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