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  1. Thats fantastic !, shouldn,t cost me more than 25 quid each then
  2. Hmmm , so when in Luton and you want a Taxi ,just shout " councillor!! "
  3. Er because those over 70 would not have a clue about computers , those with poor sight , or unable to afford the internet would do what exactly ? would you make internet use mandatory ? Whatever happened to choice , There are people who actually enjoy meeting other people face to face and having conversation -old fashioned ,but a kind of traditional part of the human experience
  4. http://www.aero-net.info/fileadmin/aeronet_files/links/documents/ONERA/Report_AirTN_WP5_Propulsion_Final_version.pdf
  5. Every time an aicraft flies through volcanic ash it must be inspected There are NO limits or qualification of how much ash , here is the nub of the problem The Captain cannot make this choice and neither can the politicians,ATC,NATS quite simply there is not enough Data to work with The data must be Gained and gained quickly ,the egines High pressure compressor and high pressure turbine will have to be inspected after each and every flight ,also the oil and scavenge oil filters will have to be changed after every flight - this is going to take time ,manpower and equipment -None of which is in abundance!! After the initial every engine to be checked phase ,and with the engine manufacturers input and depending on observed problems a more infrequent check frequency can be established ,maybe every 25 cycles or 50 etc This will cripple the schedules ,and create chaos , that bloody volcano better stop quickly ,if it does not the economic impact will be immense,and run and run ,so much so I expect someone will suggest bombing the bloody thing just to stop it Data is needed and fast -only the engineers can resolve this problem ,and they tend to just tell it like it is ......like it or not ...... we will see I would certainly be not best pleased having airline shares ,but then I would never buy those in the first place ...
  6. Platinum is also fundamental in hydrogen cells , so its demand likely to grow even if catalytic converter demand drops , its not quite the same sort of demand as natural gas ,I expect it to rise further myself - there is not an endless supply available
  7. Well since this thread started and I purchased a considerable amount of both paladium and Platinum Ive seen quite astonishing rises, I have seen Platinum pass £750 ,£850,£950 and now £1050 per Oz , So where is the likely peak?£1550 ??? As I have no diversified investment , and all my cash savings were moved into Norweigan krona 3 years ago,through distrust of the £,At some point I will need to move from Pt and pd and Krone ,where next ? Land , Oil , or hold on to where I am ? I also distrust the stock markets in the current situation , And expect some draconian measures from whichever Govt comes into power.It's a job to know where is safe anymore!
  8. Seems the FAA are pushing for "cockpit naps" so terms and conditions are about to improve Does that mean that a pillow is now required for simulator training? Ryanair will continue to operate and exist for some time and the current economy will help them .But a slight change to costings may occur
  9. Re previous posts about alternative construction materials for cheap aircraft construction - I noted that LOTUS has made a so called ECO car using HEMP. The hemp is made into a composite material and then used to make the bodywork , Such things ARE possible ....
  10. Sod bleeding edge technology and efficiency the OVERIDING factor is reliability. When hundreds of lives depend on the engine not quitting then do you really really want to be depending on some bleeding edge tech without a proven history but which saves a few gallons of dirt cheap kerosene? Nah, me neither. Reliability wise - the current engines in use have many issues - the fuel for example that dirt cheap kero - it is used to control the engine in a few functions and as such has to be spotlessly clean so filtration systems are needed it also cant get too cold and freeze so heating systems needed and it certainly cant be contaminated with water-if any of these subsystems fail the engines fail - the heathrow recent event just getting on to the airfield with 2 engines out also there is the heat of combustion - it damages parts over time and needs constant monitoring any problems can result in events like the manchester disaster where the engine let go there are many instruments involved simply to tell you that the engine is still ok ,why so many ? - because there is so much that can go wrong There is little to fail on an electric motor by comparisson , if it was sod technology , then eye surgery would be still using scalpels , very reliable and unlikely to fail , but we have moved on to lasers , but you bet the first few people to have laser surgery on their eyes were worried people -which would you select today ?
  11. The SatCon motor is the most powerful motor in the world for its size, generating well in excess of 500 horsepower from a package that is one foot long and weighs just 145 pounds. The SatCon motor generates more than 10 times the power of a conventional motor of the same size. According to SatCon officials, extremely high power-density motors based on its technology could revolutionize the design, packaging, and performance of automobiles, trains, aircraft, refrigeration and air conditioning equipment and common household appliances. That was a few years ago - 500 hp from 145 lbs and 1 foot long Of course its impossible to make a motor to power a prop aircraft !!!!!! us nutters eh
  12. Rest assured though, when the technology becomes viable, Im sure Mr Boeing / Msr Airbus / Messrs Rolls Royce et al will be on the case.- err http://www.boeing.com/news/releases/2008/q2/080403a_nr.html Regarding your second point however, it shows no such thing.Can you really not see the differencre between an electric starter starting a turboprop engine and actually driving the propellor in flight conditions? It is a question of loading - the props torque being applied to the starter and one of speed , this increases the power requirement from the starter / motor - large prop aircraft took around 1000 amps to spin the prop -provided by the ground power as the prop spins up the current reduced due back emf changes and the current drops rapidly - bear in mind the starter is designed for its limited range of torque and speed - to constantly run the prop a different type of motor is required and to make it more power efficient again another type of motor needs to be looked at - I did mention that there are significant advances in motors being developed you cannot simply adapt a new concept to existing installations although that is the development stepping point , new props can be made with different design to fit the new criteria , along with new shaft and drive designs more suited to electric drive
  13. http://www.grc.nasa.gov/WWW/RT/2004/RS/RS11S-choi.html An older view from nasa ,which doesnt factor for new motor and drive technology such as magnetic coupling or indeed the soaring cost of oil
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