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  1. Maddog, I live in the area (Burnham) and have just moved rental properties, so I have a good idea. I would tell you to go for it now, theres a lot of haggling you can do. Top tip from the Estate Agent who moved me was that flats are going fast so holding price but any 3 bedroom properties are not going at all, so you can get them cheap. I don't think I even believe it about the flats, but with a budget of £800 theres quite a few decent new build houses (2-3 bed) in and around Cippenham/ Langley etc marked at £900-1100 I bet you could get one of them for the money you want to pay. If those
  2. Thanks for these options guys, I'll take a look and see how I get on. As you can tell I am certainly not an expert, but I want to use these starting trades as a way to get some practice in - I've always found I tend to learn things much more quickly when I'm losing/ gaining money!
  3. Can anyone tell me the best place to invest some funds in regards to Oil prices etc? I saw some posts a while back that mentioned some places but I can't seem to track this down at all. I have a small amount of money that I wanted to get involved in a potential rebound in oil prices. I am happy to take a high risk with this money and so I was thinking of using IgIndex, as this gives me a nice highly leveraged position, and will maximise returns if oil prices head back to where they could be. Of course this is much more an all out gamble, so I wonder if there are other options for me. The
  4. Well, on the last two places I said the same thing to the estate agent and it worked really well. I told them that my sister has a dog, so do you think the landlord would mind. I then said, I hope he says he wont allow it, because Id rather not have dog, but my sister might be a bit upset. For some reason this seems to have worked with them both so far. I'm not quite sure why, it seems a little bit backward really, but I guess they must think that if I dont like dogs and I dont mind this one it should be OK. I've also mentioned that I would be happy to pay a larger deposit but I've never
  5. I think its all covered above, but you should be fine. I have a dog, and my last 3 rentals have been no problem. This time round I've had to pay 2 times monthly deposit rather then 1.5 and they have made a point in the contract that they will check for damage specifically regarding the dog, but other than that no issues as I have good references etc.
  6. Today is the first time I have bothered to read this letter - I picked up on a couple of bits here. Am I right in thinking the following:- 1) Food, petrol, gas and electric make up less than 20% of the inflation basket. If that is the case what on earth makes up the other 80%? I know they have been changing them for a while now, and I have seen some of the posts about eating DVD players etc, but I was shocked to see these 3 main items could make such a small percentage of the basket. 2) The BoE has decided that inflation should fall as long as prices stop going up so fast, so they arent
  7. I used to be a Mortgage advisor (although tied to one of the Building Societies) a long time back, I'm sure Remorseful can give a better insight, but regulations were so lax back then, you only had to cover a number of basic points to justify any sale. I know most of the time, my advice was good but my products were more expensive. Of course it was a 'sales' role so we had to push our products even though technically speaking it wasnt best advice. The most interesting thing was though, that every month there was a 'special deal' available for brokers. Essentially this meant, terrible dea
  8. I've not read all the posts here, but to throw my two penneth in. Having just been looking at houses for rent, I can confirm there are a lot more larger family houses on the market in the Berkshire area. The estate agent told me that there are a lot of families who cannot sell their houses and as such there are loads on the market right now. The one I agreed on has actually been reduced, due to the massive amount on the market. Apparently this is the situation all across the market. Allegedly 2 bedroom flats are gold dust, but I dont believe that for one minute!!!!!
  9. I'm getting the contract tomorrow, so I will know for sure then. From what I've been told I will have a 16 month + 2 month notice contract - this should give me the minimum 18 months I need plus some on top. Out of interest, does anyone know who has to appear on the tenancy/ be credit checked etc? I have a sister living with me (not the one who doesnt pay rent!), but I dont know how long for. I do not wish for her to appear on the agreement, and I also do not want to have any financial ties to her. Most of my family has a bad credit history, but I have a pristine one and need to keep it t
  10. Thanks for all the information people. I am pushing for the landlord to start eviction processes and the council will be informed of non-payment. Difficult times as of course we have the worried mother who thinks we shouldnt do anything to harm her. But I agree, the softly softly approach has not worked so far - time to let her deal with the reality of the situation, and the results of her actions. I'm not 100% happy with it, but I dont think anything else is going to help her in the long run....
  11. Thanks for the reply Johnny. To be fair to the landlord he has been nothing more than understanding through all of this - I feel it my responsibility to make sure he is fully covered. I am not overly fussed about the money owed right now, thats mine to pay as guarantor, but what I do need is as quick a resolution to this situation as possible - I do not want to be paying x months rent from now while eviction order goes through, then have eviction costs etc. Unfortunately, I must say I am now more on my landlords side than my sisters......
  12. I wonder if anyone knows anything about Guarantors rights? I am currently Guarantor for my sister who has been in a rental property for 6 months. She has managed to pay nearly 0 rent in these 6 months, and has in fact used all of the Housing Benefit money to fund her lifestyle. I am now in the situation where the Landlord is requesting that I pay the owed funds and that my sister leaves the property. The difficulty is that my sister will not take my calls or meet with me, so short of going to the house and physically removing her from the property I have very little way of getting her to l
  13. Thanks for the input D'Oh Yes I think you're right there - im viewing 2 properties tomorrow, to guage the current market. Both are definitely interesting although will have to be amazing for me to move so early - these are only the first couple I am viewing. One is a guy who has just bought a property as an investment recently - Im pretty sure I'll avoid this one. The other is someone who has had the property let for the last 5 years and is planning to continue as long as necessary - I've already done a check on Nethouseprice, and he paid a very reasonable sum for th house 8 years ago so I
  14. I've been given notice to leave my current rental property in June 2009, at the end of my recently renewed 12 months tenancy. My landlady wants to move in as soon as possible so if I want to leave before then I can leave immediately. I am intending to buy somewhere in between 18 months to 3 years from now (it will definitely NOT be 12 months), but I do not want to be continuously moving from rental property to rental property until that time. If I leave in June 2009, I am likely to have to move in July and then do a 6-12 month rental somewhere else before buying and moving again. I am tryi
  15. I'm pretty sure that's the case. I would also be surprised if you need to give two months notice - it's normally one month on AST. If July works for you though, honoring the 2 months notice in the contract would be the 'nice' thing to do. I'm sure you will get more concrete advice later....
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