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  1. Exactly - Sick, sore and tired of Graduates types who simply have an over inflated sense of their own abilities, and when it actually comes down to it are not really that bright at all - they play the system take the easiest modules/courses, produce dissertations that add no value, just a waste of paper. Surely if your bright enough and hard working- then employers would be bending over backwards to have you part of their company - or better still you'd be so bright as the OP states could go out and setup your own Business, without having to rely on employers.
  2. Thats true - there are many people up the ladder who have never felt any real heat - many management teams in companies are like musical chairs with them rotating every few years to another highly paid job - and trying to keep out those below from getting promoted. The problem with more Graduates, and better exam grades is more competition - just having a more educated workforce will not create more jobs - I think many graduates today are squeezed with high house prices, difficulty getting mortgages, more student debt than students of 80s and 90s, salaries Pretty dismal salaries, or sometimes good if your in right field. extreme competition often for crap jobs Overall GCSE, A Level higher grade requirements Yet at the same time there expected to be Love the job, love to company, slave away and put all that down for being "good for there experience", and be a good little cheery graduate slave with lots of potential. How many of todays graduates will end up bitter disillusioned debt ridden 30 somethings - with no real skills other than shuffling paper around an office
  3. Yes this seems to be mindset of generation Y, and to some extent generation X. They take responsibility of nothing, always looking to contribute the minimum while demanding the most. There basic mindset is to cheat the system - provide as little value or real work and to create false work, and go around with a delusionary opinion of themselves - e.g typical candiates on the apprentice. perhaps Generation Y are just a reflection of the our sick society.
  4. have they aircraft a generation head really, so why did India eliminate all the Russian and American Aircraft, and go with Rafale and Euroflighter? This is the sort of defeatist mindset you get from Europeans - they always assume the US is way ahead of them in everything - and they have secret aircraft no one knows about. They always assume that everything is better from the US - they sit an watch american tv shows, and there almost completely brainwashed, they have no sense of pride in their own country or Europe being the best. Eurofighter, Gaileo project are just one example of what Europe can achieve with even a crappy EU, squabbling countries, negative anti EU press, and the US doing all it can to undermine European countries. Remember the EU is a much bigger trading block, and has the potential to be much better.
  5. Great news for Europe - but you will see little mention of it in the newspapers. No one cares. What are the European news papers full of - Osama Bin Laden - who cares, not a european war, not our business
  6. Europe should be working on its own defence, airforce, and Navy using only European companies. They should make start ups to compete with the Microsoft, google and facebook. Economic warfare under the guise of free trade
  7. Good point - seems to a mentality in corporate environments, people are more concerned with the type of office they have, how many people they have underneath them, or their job title - despite the fact as you say they may well be earning 35K a year or less in many cases. I'd guess there are lots out there who will take a job at well below the salary level they could earn as a contractor so they can get the job title. Another point is - people who bleat on endlessly about career, and job - once you actually question on the specific of their jobs they don't have much to say. They don't actually care about earning more than a 100K a year or anything like that, they have worked out that earning that type of salary takes some real hard work, real skills, some real brain power and not just threading water and playing the game- therefore they settle into a long career of "fake work" and looking busy earning pretty low salaries.
  8. Great post bpw - It almost amazes me people in the UK whinge about being part of Europe, but there quite happy to ignore or be in denial the fact that there airforce, nuclear weapons, intelligence services are effectively run by the US. That the US will put their self interest first at all times, as you mentioned above do their best to ensure that there companies get contracts, they keep codes locked so that Britain cannot control their own Nuclear Weapons. You can't blame the US I suppose, there just looking after themselves, they must look at European Goverments and just laugh at us.
  9. Sadly it seems to be the way people are these days - They cannot tolerate anyone remotely different, or with a different outlook, they always believe know better, and indeed know everything. This guy who called you a Miser - what if you had just went and built up a large buy to let portfolio, with about 10 properties - Then what, would he be calling you a Miser for being able to get more properties then him and save your money - people like that will criticize you know matter what you do - simple jealousy. I would turned around to him - and said you are waiting for the property market to fall further, and repossessions so you can buy properties off these people who bought at the peak - you could have made him a low offer on the propery he owns. I get the same mindset about careers - always trying preach and brainwash that their way is better, their job, or company is the greatest thing in the world - all you can do is strive to beat them.
  10. Good post - I have always been frustrated trying to talk to Sheeple types - You can't engage them in a conversation about reality. They are not necessarily stupid, they just like being overly naive and acting dumb. They don't want accept that much of their lives are controlled by their employers/bosses, how money they have, and the state of the economy - and in fact they don't have many 'real' choices other than what they buy in shops and what they watch on TV. For example a sheeple will complain about taxes - but point out to them if they don't pay NI contributions they will have to pay for private health insurance - probably much more than there NI Contributions. They don't want to accept you have to pay for things. They whinge about the price of petrol or food, and then go out and spend a fortune on booze at the weekend. Talk to a Sheeple about his job - and there is never any acceptance his job could be offshored, they could be replaced, or the Business might change requirement - They just have a 'head in sand' ostrich mentality - 'Oh I'll just keep my head down, and everything will be ok' They never actually discuss money, how much they are paid or how much they want to get paid. There is no point trying to convince them of anything, just engage them in tedious small talk, sit back and smile at them- they only wake up when there own financial status is under pressure - when they can't sell their house or they lose their job,
  11. Good Post - I have never understood the UK/Conservative mindset where they oppose any influence or connection with Europe - I guess its harking back to British Empire where they don't want to ruled by Europe. They oppose everything European for some reason. But then on the other hand - there are American Airbases all over the UK, we followed them into Iraq against popular opinion, The UK Nuclear weapon are controlled/ produced by the US, and other techology the UK would not have without close connections with US. The problem is to see the average anti european conservative who complains about influence in Europe, but then on the other hand is happy to have US airbases all over the country - can you imagine if there were french airbases in the UK. Surely it makes sense for the UK to work as equal partner with the french and germans rather than hoping the US will give them technology.
  12. Left Ireland in 1997 - Been working in the UK and now Norway - and now married to someone not Irish. Never left because of the work situation , just went for a Uni course then you meet someone and bang your 10 years or more away- always thought if you can't get a job in your home country where can you get a job - I don't think for most people there is a big advantage in going to another place - of course yes there may be more jobs in a certain area in another location - but in the long term are you really any better off, and if you go elsewhere you do not have your immediate family close to you. Off course always back on forth on good old ryanair and cheap airlines - so never really felt that I am that far way from home - and talking to mates who have settled in other parts of Ireland - they get back home to see there family as often as I do - as you can fly back in the time it takes them to drive. But then there is thatnagging homesickness, and just living the country you grew up in.
  13. I have similar issues with managers - I think the tactics above are a good starting point. It depends they might be a decent person - who you can have straightforward conversation with also they might be a typical scheming project manager type - who you must play games with. The problem with in my opinion Project Managers because they are used to just managing- is often when it comes down to they are just lazy and they want to delegate their job to everyone else - so they don'r have to do anything - They should really be working with you to create these notes etc - so you can discuss the issue, and be talking from the same hymn sheet - instead of just leaving it to you, and then she takes it along to a meeting. My approach would be is when she asks for this type of information - force her to input information, discuss the issues, send emails documenting questions, setup meeting requests. do not be fobbed off with being told to speak to other people - force her to input and do some work with you. It might actually help her perform her job better and make you work better together.. This is the problem many managers don't want to do anything - other than the bare minimum - and spend most of there time leaching knowledge of harder working colleagues. So as you stated always keep information to minimum with them. Its not always their fault because they many of hands off, and spend most of their time at meetings, and do nothing hands on - so therefore they don't really have a feel for what is actually happening in the project - and they rely on good quality information. For truly crap micro managing nasty project managers they should be treated liked mushrooms - kept in the dark and fed shit. Although by the sounds of it - she may try to worm out of inputting anything.
  14. Tell him the facts about day trading, and how many people make money out of it. Then ask him what is strategy - and what does he know that all these other day traders don't know. Is he effectively just guessing, and reading books on day trading stratgies - just be outright nasty and tell he does not have a clue, and he is just looking for an easy option. Think he should take a survival job, and don't spend any of his reduncdancy - and in the meantime perhaps look for short term contracts in his area.
  15. Bit overly simplistic - how does that work out in corporate land, where the lines of responsibility are blurred, there is lot of politics, hangers on, management who can't do their jobs properly, poor systems and procedures, lots of things which effect your job which are beyond your control and won't or can't be resolved by your bosses - Surely a bit simplistic to say just work hard and you will be paid a lot - of course it depends on the type of job you do.
  16. Ok then lets say 14.5K just for living costs. Then 24K lets say as an average Salary - so that means you can save 10K a year if you just focus on saving every penny. But realistically you will run a car, got out at the weekend, etc, have holiday, and save some It just shows us how many of us "good" jobs are really not that much good when you consider your just on treadmill and not really making any money.
  17. Yeah but you could always rent out your home, while you relocate. Plus if you bought it a while back you could make some income as well as pay your mortgage - and please don't tell me I don't know what I am talking about as I have already done this with 2 properties.
  18. Yep - also what about exploitation of mr average - We are seduced by TV and the media, just general 21st century life to believe that we can have anything or be anything we want, and were going to well off someday. Ok, minimum wage is poor, but what people in 30s or 40s who on appearance earn a good wage, but have kids, aging parents, high property costs - and in order to have that wage need lots of overtime, and work in the background to get that, and constant pressure at work. We taught to believe life is easy, its just case of getting a job in something and keeping your head down- but the reality is different, its hard and getting tougher. They spend most of their working life - just paying mortages, bills and accumulating some savings. Try changing career into something, or just for that matter getting another decent job, and see the competition. I just think there is a fascade everything being easy - but if were honest life is tough.
  19. Thats the thing I never understand with the right - they whinge about the free market principles and people being entreprenurial and hardworking- but when it comes down to it they always look after the interests of the bankers, tax cuts for the rich, landowners - where is the incentivising mr average on 35K a year whose tax is going to rise to pay for the bailouts- while at the same time there looking to cut taxes for inheritance tax for millionaires. Whilst I can see from an overall point of view they are trying to make things better - where is the fairness.
  20. Yep those lazy chinese - they should work harder for less. Also lets get rid of the minimum wage in the UK, lets raise taxes for the poorest. Cut taxes for the richest - Yeah those people who are poor, are poor because they choose to be poor - everything is within their control - they could be millionaires if they wanted. Lets get rid benefits, health care and free education. Also lets increase salaries for CEOs - because they work hard deserve their millions - not like those chinese slackers who only put in 14 hour day, and then have audacity to demand more money. Also keep bailing out the banks so they can reward their staff with more money. Just trying to sum up the rightwing mindset.
  21. Its the same with for example politics, notice how much coverage there was on TV, but no discussion with anyone you know. Its all you get out of people is tedious banal small talk - its seems that everyone strives these days to be an x factor watching, middle of the road , middle class, facebook using, middle management, sheeple with no independent thoughts, opinions or will of their own - its a way of avoid getting criticised, if you constantly play a game of being outwardly bland, vague and appear to be popular then its hard for people to attack you, its conformism... I have seen the same trait in people who are very inteliigent - but for some reason they play dumb in public. So don't always assume people are stupid.
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