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  1. It' looks pretty white to me. Will the whole section of plasterboard need replacing or will a builder just do the damaged section?
  2. Thanks for the advice. However its more of a big dent than a hole I guess, a big drunken man size dent. Im completely useless at DIY, how much will a builder charge t do this and oce painted wont it be fairly obvious as the pint wont match the rest of the wall?
  3. Hi, Had a bit of an accident and as a result there's a fairly large hole in the plasterboard wall in my hallway. Is it best/cheapest to get this repaired by a builder or should I inform the estate agent who I rent it from and let them get a builder in? Thanks
  4. My rent has just increased by £100pm to £1550. The landlord wanted £1595 but i haggled him down
  5. You can see an Argos catalogue online here: http://www.howtobearetronaut.com/2010/12/argos-catalogue-1976/ The 1976 one
  6. Just had notice that my landord intends to put my rent up by £150/month
  7. Ahh Golden Axe, that was a great game on the Mega Drive
  8. You can't buy your groceries in Sainsburys with Norwegian Kroner either, but that's still money isn't it?
  9. yeah you cant go wrog with a nice sovereign ring
  10. I can also vouch for them, excellent service. I have used them a fair few times and never had a problem. Items do turn up over a couple of days sometimes due to getting separated in the post.
  11. Call of Duty. Get to 65, then prestige and do it all again. Several times /delurk
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