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  1. 41, Married with 2 kids. Moved to Hong Kong & later Singapore in my mid 20's, for 8 years. Had loads of fun but saved cash as well. Returned to UK with Filipina missus in 2004. Own two places outright in North West, plus other stuff . UK Job down the tube earlier in the year. Took redundancy and a contract in the UAE. Currently slowing down here as well. Am running out of countries to escape to!
  2. Any view on this area for young (ish late 30's ) couple who would like to buy on the coming property lows(!) Thinking of the characterful stone terraces close to "City Centre" and railway station. Seems like a buoyant sort of area underpinned by student lets - possibly with fewer of the social problems associated with the larger and more "diverse" settlements to the south. For someone who simply needs to be close to rail network this may fit the bill. If we need to move again could always let out to the student market (obviously would need a total fumigation prior to re-use). How much below the current asking prices should one consider sensible? Anyone local to point me in the right direction?
  3. Philippines too, but the trade off is gaining the ability to speak English, but loosing the ability to enjoy the food.
  4. I know the source has an axe to grind (don't we all), but this looks ominous. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/election-2010/7507088/Budget-2010-Alistair-Darling-to-freeze-income-bands-in-stealth-tax.html Better pray for deflation otherwise the payback begins. Squeeze the middle class time......
  5. Family have a small property and some agri land in the provincial Philippines. Still good value and within your budget, although Labour seems to be trying to trash sterling, so it has already moved about 15% downwards. I think you would need connections there to make it work smoothly.
  6. You can extend the southern triangle down into West Lancs. Easy commute to Liverpool. Less so to Manchester unless you can reach the Preston to Manchester line
  7. I'd see this as temporary. Motorcycles will be big business soon. Here in phillippines the well established patten is walk, motorcycle, cheap car (mostly kia), 4wd. I'd say the UK will slowly traverse this list in the opposite direction as poverty takes a hold. Shame about the UK weather though. Here a life on the scooter is quite pleasant.
  8. In general anywhere in a deep rural area will have priced out the local young/chav population and therefore should be safe. Also need to be away from trendy locations for Londoners for true value. For my money Shropshire, North Wales, North Lancashire, offers an arc just beyond those areas traditionally considered acceptable to metropolitan types. Long may it continue.
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