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  1. ok, damp proof courses are usually positioned 6"/ 150mm above external finished ground level, usually corresponding to the height of the door threshold and internal floor level, not 3' above a damp proof course stops damp transferring vertically, clearly it cannot stop a flood damp proof courses can be compromised, usually by failure of the barrier material or through bridging - the external ground level being lifted avove the damp proof course for instance all outer faces of buildings are damp, they're exposed to the rain afterall, the DPC and other measures are what stops the damp penetrating to the interior i think you're over analysing and seeing problems that aren't there, a previous owners could have had a shaggy dog that rubbed up against that wall all day long get a damp meter if you're concerned, but there are sensory giveaways to; - fresh paint! - missing light bulbs! - noticeable wet patch - effervescence (white chalky substance) - mould growtth - musty smell damp can either rise or penetrate indicating different causes, so inspect the whole wall and not just the base, paying attention around window openings don't rule out a house if you find damp, it can be sorted and you can use it as a bargaining tool to get a better price
  2. haha hadn't seen that thread before, i once met the marketing guys who created the obel strapline 'live with your head in the clouds' etc. not sure if anyone else noticed, but when the site hoarding was first erected the lettering was arranged all wrong with letters looking like they were 'falling' out the strapline. i asked the guys whether this was some kind of play on the marketing spiel, sadly it wasn't, as it would of at least been a talking point. my theory is the sign writer was having a laugh, as it got changed after a few weeks
  3. nope, the boat is the glass clad tower about 300m away on the same side of the lagan on custom house square, it has some rectangular multi coloured frames hanging of it. i like the titanic apartments though, even if they are a little samey in finish to other buildings in TQ - well at least those constructed at the moment that is for a landmark building which towers over its surroundings, i think its a real shame the cladding on the obel looks so poor, it almost makes the mirror clad post office look good :/ compare these images http://www.delapandwaller.com/projects_by_sector.php?sector=10&ProjectID=13 with the reality, you'll note the small glazed panel which runs at each level has been replaced with a matt gray panel.
  4. add to the above the fact the external cladding is awful, alledgedly on account of the developer cheapening it to keep the scheme viable i've also heard first hand that the structure is framed in such a way as to foul the views outwards so, a pokey wee flat in a cheap looking high rise....nice by comparisson the boat is a very elegant additon to the belfast skyline.
  5. i know people who have both moved in, and others who have successfully let their apartment.
  6. what i'd do. ask the vendor for a copy of their yearly gas bill, decide if you can justify the heating premium for the house which ticks all the boxes. then maybe - through a capable surveyor/ engineer - establish payback periods/ cost benefit for thicker loft insulation, double glazing, properly draught proof doors, more efficient boiler and/ or heating system, maybe even renewables such as solar thermal or groundsource if you can stretch that far, as R+R says above, studding the internal walls would be a major hassle not worth considering in a semi. solid walls doesn't mean it's deinitely damp, and their thermal mass can provide advantages to.
  7. well, it's dead easy, do what you feel is right for you both. i personally think the economy is between a rock and a hard place, and therefore expect prices to drop further still, but whether people have the means to pay the mortgage when we're scraping along the bottom remains to be seen.
  8. at danger of pointing out the bleedin obvious.... people buying later is more to do with housing being expensive, and it taking longer for those who don't want a liar loan to save a deposit and get to a salary position to afford the mortgage - dual income or otherwise!! i do think BVI observes the reality correctly though, you can't deny the increase in dual incomes which are bound to affect average prices, but you also cant deny the associated costs such as needing second cars and childcare costs which offset the gain. edit to add: i would be interested to know what first caused the other - high housing costs causes requirement for dual income, or dual income accompanied by other factors pushes prices up - of course they're now almost self perpetuating. i wouldn't bother arguing over 'that' graph, its a simple chart that serves a single purpose, its also a perfect example of the tendency to seek and explain very complex patterns simply, and in doing so misses a host of critical factors... like credit availability, actual debt service cost and ability to pay.
  9. hats off to you, how'd you find time to post on here! shipbuilder - i'd like to know the effect of joint incomes. whenever i start thinking about it i start to feel like a mouse in treadwheel UK.
  10. you speak a lot of sense BVI, and i don't like talking costs in terms of children, but there is no way the cost of a child 'balances out'! first off reduced pay during maternity as you note, then when starting back at work creche, feeds, nappies, clothes and toys tots up to circa £650 a month, then add the huge inital outlay for prams, car seats, cots etc and its getting on for £7k a year until the child gets to school! There is no way an average person saves that sort of money staying in more, and that's just for one nipper!
  11. hi, am old enough to remember 1990's when i was late teens, but too young (carefree) to have taken a real interest, interested in your comment though - is that your recollection of events as they happened or a view you've formed in retrospect?
  12. lol, so you disagree that a stable political outlook encourages investment!! hope you don't work in InvestNI i suppose the £800m peace dividend will have no economic impact either, lol if stormont doesn't represent a step in the right direction, then it's collapse doesn't matter. The fact is it is, and it does.
  13. of course it will have an effect! it's a clear signal to investors that NI is not functioning properly - is that a safe place to stick/ continue your investment? secondly, the assembly has veto on a lot of public spending, a shadow secretary isn't going to come in and approve allocated funds willy nilly without first getting a proper understanding, so expect delayed expenditure plans. add to that the general malaise of failure which will exist, and the obvious bolster to unsavoury elements of the population, and it could have a grave effect.
  14. yep me too, and am happy to see resi starting again, firstly to secure much needed employment but also to provide additional supply i don't associate increasing residential starts with a recovery in prices however, merely land/ construction costs are now at a level to viably generate sales and all important cashflow for the developers movement is mainly because the reduction in sub contractor tender prices has been savage - up to 50% in some cases - so for a new house I'd still expect to negotiate a significant reduction against 2007 prices, much will depend upon demand at completion of course, but assuming a 12 - 18 month development period I don't anticipate it will be that high pity i don't really fancy a 'cookie cutter' style new build
  15. HP's will continue to slide, but be spun as flatlining QE will continue, even if we're told its suspended GDP, unemployment stats will be spun +ve, despite their weakness GE speculation will dictate sterlings value until May Incidence of strikes, civil and political unrest will rise as cuts hits home UK PLC will lose economic credibility in Q3 Sterling crisis, emergency budget Proper structural change will ensue over a 10-15 year period
  16. agree 100% with this sentiment people should be careful what they applaud, and in doing so what they appear to be wishing for
  17. why put your wedding on hold because you don't own a house?! lifes too short to put your life on hold for a property crash, get yourself wedded - unless your living with your folks that is!! that said, i do understand the sentiment, when i told my family my wife was expecting our first (now delivered) the first question from 3 of them independently was "are you going to buy a house now then"... their oldy worldy logical approach to life annoys me immensely, can renters not have kids now? is my childs phsyque going to be irrepairedly damaged if in later life he realises his parents lived in a rented house when he was conceived.... i doubt it - life goes on and needs grabbed!
  18. /\ afraid my logic strugles with that, if a vendor wants to sell they'd have to adjust their price down to reflect the reintroduction of this tax on the purchaser, this is going to be a good bargaining chip for purchasers and EA's in negotiating deals. if a vendor has a house for sale for months, and then adjusts their price up - even if they now have to make the payment on their next purchase - then they don't deserve to sell imo. or am i missing something
  19. yep, am equally bearish on the economic outlook/ house prices, i heard local buyer/ business confidence was reported as the most +ve in 2 years today... given the political and economic circumstances i cannot understand where this confidence is coming from i can only assume people have been conditioned by ten years of 'good times' and honestly expect a return to them was reading about the canadian experience in the early nineties, they too were running a large defecit, and learnt that to effect savings you had to first draw blood by cutting/ threatening to cut jobs hard.... it was then surprising how quickly the saving suggestions got passed up the chain - especially from the public sector. i don't atually think anyone contests the need to make savings.....' just not on their patch'.... so guaranteed all will toil to protect their own, notwithstanding, at some level this must affect employement be it direct or bought in i'm actually looking forward to seeing how they spin the budget like every gordo budget the real effects will be buried in the small print
  20. people are too busy concentrating on the approach to christmas; shopping for gifts and food, getting the tree and decorations up, doing house repairs for visiting relatives, making visits to other relatives, packing for a short break eleswhere etc.... i predict drops will remain relatively subdued until after the new year, when typically people take a holistic assessment of their existence and set their aims for the coming year; many will drop their price to expedite a sale then
  21. p.p. - have to say i'm concerned too about the threat of BOE's printy machine and the likely inflationary price effect, but i temper that concern with the fact that everyone i know is concerned about/ losing their jobs, suffering wage cuts and therefore saving their pennies, in addition every story i read related to my industry be they forecasts or *reality* are virtualy all downbeat...recovery has been taken off the schedule till 2012! so an increasing supply of money without velocity is not inflationary, at best its rebuilding balance sheets, and only storing inflation for later.. current price increases are due to a weak pound only imo the problem this government has, and will continue to struggle with until they're booted out, is the general population are no longer prepared to swallow their green shoot spin, and the majority will make decisions based on what they feel is the prudent thing to do - that isn't throwing their money around just yet
  22. yeh i'd definitely make a contribution, the TDGTTS site is, and i suspect will be useful for some time yet.
  23. btw that house isn't breeze block, its most likely hung tile or a shingle cladding looks grim regardless
  24. purely anecdotal - i sold to rent last year, just seen what was a neighboring slightly bigger house, which is in comparable condition to my own advertised for 2.5k less by the same agent... ok, i realise this isn't a marked fall, but it clearly isn't a bounce either as an aside, can someone tell me why my posts take more than a day to display!?!?
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