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  1. a question for our tame EA :)

    as an agent who's received an offer on a house, who would you contact first;

    - the vendor to see if the offer will be acceptable, and then the 'keep informed' list to seek higher bids, or;

    - the 'keep informed' list to get the highest offer first, and then the vendor?

    I'm assuming its the first way, but I can think of benefits with both approaches.

  2. i had a hsbc mortgage, and what i can say for definite is they don't assess on salary multiples, unlike other lenders they assess on the ability to pay. before securing my previous mortgage i had to demonstrate that i retained 40% of my salary for 'living' i.e. food, clothing, fuel etc, with the 60% including all other committed to bills, such as the mortgage itself, insurance, direct debits, loans, credit cards etc.

    that mortgage was secured in 2006 during silly season for lending, as i think we all know hsbc were one of the banks least stricken by the practise of irresponsible lending.

  3. Didn't want this to be lost in the main board thread.

    I heard an interesting anecdotal from a colleague today.

    Husband viewed a house in Belfast last week, stated to agent the house was overvalued given condition, agent freely admits valuation was 6 months out of date and needs revising down, husband mentions 2005 LPS value, agent indicates they are currently valuing at 2003/4 levels, and they expect a further fall in values from now until summer 2011.

    I nearly fell off my chair.

    Not all doom and gloom though, apparently more FTB's searching, and BTL'ers securing sub £100k bargains.

  4. Yes the cladding on the rear elevation is far from inspiring, I'll give you that. Just out of curiosity, have you seen the rear aspect of the all singing n all dancing Boat??!! It's flat and grey with a few random windows the size of shoe boxes!!

    welcome to forum neets7, don't listen to BVI, he underplays his role here, he's a very good foil to us perma bears :)

    the reason why the boat is so uninspiring at the rear is to do with privacy rights. to the rear of the boat is a potential development site, and therefore there is limitations on the extent of glazing one is allowed to provide overlooking this site, of course, when the next development is built they will position their bland rear to the same aspect and they will both therefore hide each others weak sides.

  5. that 1bn will likely secure £1.3bn's worth of 2007 output or more, certainly over the initial years, tender prices are through the floor.

    some limited material prices in construction may be inflating, but they are more than offset by deflating labour and equipment rates.

  6. i respectively disagree with this; whilst some types of Scandanavian build are superb, i think we should look at the climates that they are being built in and the sourcing of materials locally. However, the variety of timber-frame construction in Ireland n+s is well represented and established. Similarly, are the types of building being built. check out the macavana link as example.

    the company who built my TF house have been making them for years here, the 'Gables' in Randalstown are testament to that

    that's fine, and i completely agree, our relatively temperate climate does not force us to meet the standards that others achieve, this is one of the good reasons alluded to in my post.

    having managed a number of timber framed schemes, albeit education rather than residential, i still believe we have lessons to learn from the continent, besides that i've no probelm with it, apart from maybe increased fire risk during construction, particularly for structures over two story's.

  7. belfastvi is absolutely correct, the typical UK and Irish versions of timber frame are miles behind the continent, in some ways there's good reason for it, in others its simply because we're seriously lagging.

    as far as i am aware code for SH is only mandatory for social housing in NI, irrespective refugee, do you disagree with legislation that strives to preserve the environment and our limited energy sources.

  8. unfortunate angle of 'the boat' that it, it has far superior design and material selection, and that particular elevation suffers through privacy rights, and don't forget it's the 'back' of the building which adjoins another site, i.e. will be hidden by the neighboring development.

    st annes square is a mess, but it's not tall enough to be offensive.

    obel is truly terrible, but don't forget the architects designed a far superior building to what was actually constructed, the design/ material selection presumably cut to generate savings for the contractor, and no doubt the developer so they could actually afford to finish the damn thing.

  9. /\ agree with that

    the other question people should be asking themselves, is that when house prices have reached an appropriate low, will they have big enough balls to tie themselves to a large debt as the wider eonomy and employment prospects appear to be worsening.

    i sometimes wonder if us bears, myself included, are a little simplistic in our outlook, imagining a utopia of stable employment and low house prices.

  10. I'd know him fairly well.


    so you can;

    1) complain to him that having poor groung is just not on

    2) ask him if he'll sell you his garden for £2k and a £50k cash backhander

    3) bury him in the foundations.

  11. some aspects of the responses so far are dubious at best!

    well that helps clarify.

    an experienced surveyor/ builder will identify asbestos on visual inspection with 95% certainty, for confirmation a small but representative sample can be sent for analysis, taken carefully the sample will not compromise the roofs water tightness.

    re insurance, half the built assets in the UK would be vacant if insurers didn't insure buldings which contained asbestos, i suspect we are getting confused with the requirement for an asbestos register which is mandatory for a lot of building types.

    if you intended to remove the asbestos then it would be sensible to get it classified, for the sake of your health it should be handled and disposed of correctly, it's an additional cost which could be prohibitive depending on your circumstances.

    use of materials which contained asbestos was phased out progressively, i'd be surprised to find asbestos in any general building materials dating from the late 70's and early 80's

    Are there no records kept about what materials are used in a build? If not, it should be law.

    well you'll be glad to know there now is, it wasn't in force in 1930's however.

    if i can be frank for a moment, buying a house is not a hassle and pain free exercise, particularly in the uk, it's risky and requires a capital commitment up front, if you like the house then organise some proper advice.

  12. short on time;

    whilst i'm sure the neighbour is well intentioned, get a proper surveyor to confirm it is an asbestos roof and not something that looks like asbestos.

    asbestos is only a risk if disturbed and the particles become airborne, it also exists in various mediums, material for roofing is generally regarded as the least risky because it is relatively robust, unlike asbestos sprayed insultation and pipe lagging.

    asbestos was used right up until the 70's, it exists within a lot of building stock, as do other potential risks such as lead based paint!

    don't have rates handy, sorry, suggest you get a quote in any case as much depends upon the replacement covering material, condition of roof timber, rainwater pipes and other sensible additions/ replacement like insutlation.

  13. However the statistics only compare 2 variables over time and there is an implied assumption that all other relevant parameters have remained broadly constant. I don't think that is the case.

    well said.

    av ftb salary/ av house price is a perfect example of over simplifying analysis to a point where it ceases to be useful, especially in a discussion such as this.

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