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  1. someone seems to think it'll work for the G8 in Ireland http://www.irishtimes.com/news/recession-out-of-the-picture-as-fermanagh-puts-on-a-brave-face-for-g8-leaders-1.1409112
  2. can i just ask..... those of you with 40+ of gold - please pm me if you have a daughter of marriageable age sorry! i'll get me own stack... err hat!
  3. thank god for that!!!!!......the last thing anyone wants is mold growing on the walls (sorry!!) was going to post a link re. the hot particles in lung tissue but see it's already here.... one thing i have noticed is that similar threads are posted on other boards that i go on... and these forums have nothing to do with hpc et. al. - the media coverup is working but people are begining to wake up that there's trouble down mill...... still a few strikes here, a war there... add a mix of greece, stir with a pinch of pensions ETc....
  4. well I've lived in... Stoke-on-trent Stafford Derby Nottingham Sheffield Leeds Cambridge Bradford Leicester plus a few small towns and i can honestly say Aberdeen is far better than all those places - sure it's a bit run down in places, shops are closing down (but where aren't they??).. union sq. is a waste of space in a bad location Etc... but in all honesty Aberdeen is generally a friendly place and even if it is going down the pan... it's still up there in the roof space at the moment compared to most places i've lived (with the exception of Cambridge (people with money), Nottin
  5. [back from the dead...] well tax credits are all fun aren't they - we've just received a demand for £4500 in overpayments (2008-2009)...please just pop a cheque in the post and it's all taken care off we know we were over paid and told them so when it happened... they wrote back saying not a problem we'll just take out what you owe from the next year’s TCs... fine.... only now we're no longer eligible so have to pay it all back in one go so I think hey let’s look online about disputing this/payment options... and wow!!! there are a LOT of people out there who have suddenly found themselv
  6. are you for real?!?!?!? "the largest gold mining operation in Alaska is the Fort Knox Mine near Fairbanks. In 1999 the ore grade was .95 grams per ton. At 31.1 grams per troy ounce, they must process nearly 33 tons of material to produce an ounce of gold." 33 tons to make an ounce of gold.... you really think a bit of great granny ash is going make this gold obsolete? .. .. .. on the other hand if your actually being serious and you want to re-use this as jewellery (assuming it's still in usable form) then yes it would be an easy task to remove the detritus - a mild acid should dissolv
  7. when I heard that the first thing that came to my mind was.... [tin hat warning] facebook is so amazingly, vastly overvalued that* this SEC directive is only to protect US investors....i.e. when it DOES go down it'll only take non US investors with it... (if that makes sense??) *[GS not being allowed to trade in the US] [/tin hat warning]
  8. I'll go for a +0.8% increase.... but only due to low volumes, with the majority of sales on higher value properties thus the results will be skewed in favour of a *reported* increase. personally I think we are now seeing the beginnings of a downward trend for Aberdeen and the shire in general - I check home.co.uk most weeks for price changes and the number of properties with reductions is ever increasing (quick search: since 5th Jan there are currently 50 properties that have had a price change (not all are reductions though).... but it seems that most reductions are only around the 3-10k mar
  9. oh!.... well that's alright then... probably?
  10. don't know if this is much help but..... we saw a repossession up in abdnland.... was on at O/O 135k - (the home buyers report was a work of fiction though - the neighbour confirmed this, as did the viewing....!!!) long story short ended up going to auction with a guide price of £95k - and sold for 94k - we would've gone for this (at 135k!) but in the end we decided against it due to concerns about the farm at the end of the road.... didn't seem that friendly tbh and lets face it no-one wants to have a pished off farmer as a neighbour (our concerns about the farm even put us off going for it
  11. but they were all built on the cheap....makes them easier to get into - simples
  12. ditto! "Why is the British government doing this? The real reason has a lot to do with ideology: the Tories are using the deficit as an excuse to downsize the welfare state. But the official rationale is that there is no alternative" http://www.nytimes.com/2010/10/22/opinion/22krugman.html?_r=2&hp
  13. home.co.uk track the price changes and have a funky little graph that shows when/how much the changes were http://www.home.co.uk/search/property.htm?location=ellon in the 'Select search options' dropdown there's an option for 'price changes' it's the only site (that i know of) that tracks aspc properties - quite a good little site - enjoy
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