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  1. Been looking recently at apartments to rent in belfast area but can someone explian to me why rent is so high!?! Everywhere i look it seems to be a minimum of £700-£800 for a 2 bed which i think is ridiculous! Not only are they expensive but the furnishing doesnt seem to be up to any high standard and couple that with only being allocated 1 parking space! Is this due to speculators purchasing these apartments at such high prices that they need this high level of rent to cover their mortgages? Am i just behind the times and this is the normal rent price in belfast? I have also looked at lisburn direction and they are looking £650 for apartments in thaxton village! I cant see how these rent prices are sustainable! how do people afford this and have enough to live a life? Average monthly wage after tax must be around £1200 (correct me if im wrong) so that is a third of someones wages to rent a room in a 2 bed apartment. That is ludicrous! Anyone else out there feeling my pain?
  2. Just wondering what peoples take on momentum mortgages are? I find it disturbing that a bank which is 75% owned by the tax payer would offer something like this. I read that if the value of the house falls 10% Ulster Bank take the hit Thoughts?
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