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  1. not my fault u cant read Anaemic Gremlin I do not mean to come accross pompus at all - i simply wanted to know if this JOINT income was enough to live a comfortable life with a nice house etc. i dont know wether people are getting confused in that they think this is my solely my wage. I simply want to know how much people spend on their mortgages a month ( % of their take home so that i know what i should roughly be spending, surely there is an average)
  2. sundance hence why i asked is this a good wage or not!!! i also asked if there is somehwere to find average household wages in NI to see if i am there or not. I cant believe people on this forum are having a go at me for asking a simple question of whether it is a good enough salry to be living a nice lifestyle and what the average % of salary do people spend on a mortgage. As i mentioned before i am a young guy seeking advice from people much more experienced than i am but clearly i have come to the wrong place
  3. Anaemic Gremlin - its always good to hear other peoples opinions, does this not compute with you??? i am also a young guy who is concerned with his finances ( not that many of us about in northern ireland!). plus this is a combined income as i mentioned before!! I have been trawling the web but cant seem to find household icome averages for northern ireland!
  4. Belfast Boy im asking out of curiosity to see where we fit in. my partner and I are both 26 and are looking at buying our first home ( although i am going to rent for the next year to save a deposit and i think prices have a bit to go still). What percent of a household salary would be recommended to spend each month on a martgage? if we bring in £3500 would £1200 be too much?
  5. What would be considered a good household income (monthly) after tax to be able to live a very comfortable lifestyle in northern ireland? does anyone know what the averages are? is £3000- £3500 a month after tax any good?
  6. The supposed estate agent only has themselves to blame!! Demafation or not it doesnt cover the fact that ALL estate agents are surplus to requirements and the sooner landlords/sellers realise this the better!! Daft.ie works perfectly well in the south and no reason why the propertynews landlord option wont kick off
  7. Where did my post "Unhelpful Estate Agents" go? Why was this taken down?
  8. so i posted this last week saying how unhelpful the estate agent was. This was originally up for £575pm and when i asked the estate agent was there any negotiation around the price, he siad no and that there were loads of people interested. I said to him i would be interested if they would lower it to £550 and he said no. well i just go on to propertypal and low and behold its now priced at £525!! MOD EDIT LINK REMOVED The estate agent could have had this rented out last week and for £25 more. i would love to know who the landlord is and mention this to him, better yet i would love it if he read this post!!
  9. S S i find it very difficult to see how you think he did his job? how does he know i was a time waster? i asked him all the ususal questions that i have asked anywhere that i have rented. Unless you tapped my phone (which seems to be popular these days) you dont know the full extent of the conversation and you have no idea how rude he was. How can he have sussed out i was fishing after one sentence of car parking facilities!?!? if you owned this property you would be happy? how could you be, the EA showed no iniative of renting it out and did not have a clue about the property. you must be an EA....
  10. I take it that was you i was speaking to S S ;-) Look this doesnt deflect from the fact that EA's think they are something special. If i owned that property i would be livid at the way he was getting on. He is there to persuade me to at least come down and look at the place (which he never once mentioned) and then talk financials but it seemed like he was to busy ( prob looking for a new job) to even deal with me and had no interest in letting this property
  11. Ok so i am having a quiet day in work so i phoned an estate agent regarding an aprtment for rent. I dont need to rent an aprtment till August but i am just testing the water to see if there is negotiation around rental prices. MOD EDIT LINK REMOVED This is how the convo went : Me - I asked about parking spaces EA - i think there is 2 but not sure, i couldnt tell you - How is this helpful???? Me- What about furniture EA - this is optional Me - i need furnished EA - that will be extra Me - how much EA - Im not sure - How is the helpful?? Me - what is furniture like EA - that is up to landlord but im sure it will be alright Me - any negotaition around price EA - no - he said nothing else, just no Me - none at all? EA - we have had a lot of interest so it should go for that price Me - but no one has taken it yet so if i put an offer of £530 now you wont take it EA - no Why are people paying these estate agents when they dont even know anything about the rental property. He was very rude and blunt, alomost like he didnt care if it was rented or not. I would like to know if the landlord knows about his "i dont give a cr4p" attitude about his property. How does he know that the landlord wouldnt take £530 without asking him? I am living in dublin and everyone here uses daft.ie which completly cuts out the EA for rentals. this way u talk directly with landlord and negotiate rent price. why is this not happening up here? If i could be bothered i would set up a similar website and get rid of these lazy, cocky gits out!!
  12. "This argument all came about because someone said it was ridiculous that an EA wouldn't strive to get the maximum amount for the vendor. But they wont, unless they have an added incentive. Regardless of what people say, EAs are human, and will (in most cases) only put in extra work if there is a sufficient benefit to them." nigooner - if there is no incentive for someone in todays employment market to do that extra bit in their job then i am sure there are plenty of other people out there willing to take their place and do it. Its time to get rid of these EA's who have had it so easy for the last 6/7 years, walk about as if they are gods gift and bring in some new young blood who will work their socks off and be happy that they have a job. They will work hard for the EA to build a good rep regardless of that extra couple hundred quid commision as in the long run the reputation and trust they will have built will bring in the commision itself! you say EA's are human and will only put the extra work in if there is a benefit but thats the problem in todays society - selfishness, greed etc
  13. "Not necessarily. If an EA has to do an extra 2 hours work to get the sales price from 155k to 160k, is it worth his time?" Gavin123 - this statement is ludicrous. This is there bloody job so of course they should be pushing the sale. If any of us took this laxidisical attitude with our jobs we would no longer be in one! This is the problem with todays EA's, they are living in the past. They had it so good during the boom years that they think they are actual sales people. They are not sales people they are glorified admin. They answer calls/emails, show someone a house and then its up to that person to decide if they like th house or not - how is this selling?? How difficult was it to sell a house during the boom? not very! they need to wake up to the fact that they are nothing more than someone who just shows you round a house and its up to the buyer if they like it. RANT OVER!!!
  14. we are a young professional couple and would like to live in belfast in an apartment. we have no requirement for a 3 bed semi-detached. it is also easier to maintain an apartment. i know £700-£800 is very expensive but thats what is being asked and they are being rented out so what i would like to know is how people afford this?
  15. either way Belfast VI rent is still the same. I pretty much check out whats on offer everyday on propertynews and i am amazed at the prices they are looking but not as amazed as the fact that they all become let agreed (all the nice apartments anyway- stranmillis warf, the bakery, park royal etc) within a couple of days so people must have £700-£800 to rent! At this rate ( and please forgive me for saying this on this site) i may have to look at buying an apartment as £700-£800 would cover a mortgage!!!!
  16. i am currently looking to purchase an apartment in belfast but prices seem very high or is £130,000 for a 2 bed with one parking space the norm for an aprtment in belfast? i was orignially looking to rent but £700 for a nice apartment is quite excessive and i thought surely that would more than cover a mortgage for said apartments what to do - buy or rent? opinions please....
  17. do we have any celebs who are wealthy enough to spend £750,000 on an average flat in belfast? if we do then surely they are not stupid enough to still be living here........
  18. im from portadown myself - where were you working? I think you are being a little harsh in some of your comments - yes are house prices are inflated, yes northern ireland does have a backward mentality, yes we hold grudges, yes we are murdering each other......oh wait maybe ur not being harsh......;-)
  19. Can someone please explain to me who in their right mind would pay £495,000 ( half a million!!) for an apartment (flat) in belfast??? http://www.propertynews.com/brochure.php?r=1&c=938&s=118210888&i=233&p=TRLTRL54090&fp=1&sort=added I would love to know if anyone is stupid enough to pay this for a flat?! If they are, i would love to know what they do for a living if they can sqaunder this kind of money. I have read comments from people saying that there is only another 10% to go before we hit bottom - so £450,000 is rock bottom for this? I think we have a heck of a way to go before we hit bottom IMHO. Only when sellers start being more realistic will we start seeing stability in the market but if they continue to ask/wait for boom prices then things are never going to pick up!!
  20. Thanks for the advice guys but im still none the wiser.... The 2k i am willing to invest is money i can afford to lose. What sites, books etc can i read to learn about investing? What should i be looking out for on company reports? I agree that funds may be better - do any of you recommend any funds/fund managers?
  21. tomposh - who are you investing in at the moment? i wish i could afford to put £750 a month a way each month in shares alone...........
  22. Forum I have 2 grand that i would like to play with in the share market but need some advice on where to start. ideally i would like to buy penny stocks and be diverse so maybe 4 penny stock companies and put £500 in each what sites, tools etc do you use to find out about new and upcoming companies. i have read other forums were people are mentioning companies which i have never heard of but i would like to know is how they find out about them, what do they read to invest in them Any advice for a rookie would be appreciated thanks
  23. WOuld like to know people's take on buying property in Istanbul. Has anyone had any experience? I flew out a month a go to view a couple of buy to let apartments but caught in 2 minds wether to take the risk or not (i have nver bought a property). the number seem to stack up and the rent will cover the mortgage but worst case scenario is it will only cost £300 a month if it lays emply. £60000 for 3 bed apartment which will supposedly get rented every day of the week From what i have read there is great growth in Istanbul and there is actually a shortage in housing. any advice would be really appreciated
  24. copy and paste this url http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-2550156453790090544# its a great watch and really puts things in to persepctive about the banking sector
  25. I have called a couple of these estate agents and they dont seem to be budging on the price for Obel ( i dont want to live here, was just curious). This means to me that people are actually paying this ridiculous rental price for a small city apartment with one parking space. Ideally i would like to live in stranmillis/malone/lisburn road direction and i know i would have to pay a premium but i still think £800 for a 2 bed apartment is too expensive!
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