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  1. i agree that it isnt worth £175k but are you now saying that the area isnt great either? £175k for a 3000sq ft house!?!? where is that?
  2. it is indead Am i making a mistake?
  3. Sounds very simialr to the one im talking about. What do you think of the area? Is somewhere with plenty of rentals on the market not a good idea to be looking? first time buying a house so need all the advice i can get
  4. thinking of putting in a bid for a house. its a 4 bed semi-detached in newtownabbey area. its up for £175k and the rateable value is £145k Any ideas on what i should go in at for my first price?
  5. as i have said before on this forum if you are not embarrassed by your offer then its not low enough. What have you got to lose by offering that? To be honest i have given up hope of ever buying a house at "value" because so many people are living/clinging onto the past. So many houses i have looked at have either not dropped the price in 4 years or have maybe dropped 10k in 4 years. Until these people wise up then it looks like i am going to be renting for some time.
  6. Belfast VI - the bin lorry actually drives down to our carpark and collects the Bin - they are the big ones but only need pushed about 20meters. There are 3 bin sheds Buy a house and put my own bin out? your having a laugh, i have a wife to do all that
  7. i currently rent and the landlord is paying £1100 plus he has to pay rates on top of that. The landlord was telling me that the management company showed charges of £10,000 per year to move the bins from an enclosed shed within our development into the car park. What i dont understand is does you rates not cover bin collection?
  8. i still dont think that would be a good deal as im sure management fees, rates etc are not cheap.
  9. doccyboy - this might be a silly question but do all banks have index linked savings accounts?
  10. i assume this is to put the property back to the top of the list? they can change one word in the description and this is flagged as updated and moved to the top of the "recently updated" properties list
  11. vman7


    house share is not an option as i will be moving in with the mrs. Anyone else out there feeling my pain?
  12. vman7


    i can understand the high demand for people to rent since they cant save a deposit but paying £700 upwards is silly and in my eyes is the same thing as buying a house at above ratebale value! how can i expect to put a deposit together when i have to fork out £700 (minimum) a month rent for an apartment.
  13. vman7


    I posted a while back questioning the high rents in Belfast and i am still looking for a place. For a really nice 2 bedroom apartment in belfast you are talking anywhere between £700 - £750. Does anyone else think this is ridiculously high!? I thought that maybe there would be room for negotiation on the rent but there doesnt seem to be any budge at all. The worst thing is that these apartments are like gold dust and people seem to snap them up right away Can someone explain why they are so high and better yet why people are paying these silly prices
  14. can anyone recommend a fund or share isa to maybe put £100-200 a month in to? i dont know enough about shares to individually trade so would rather leave it in a proffesionals hands. any advice would be great thanks
  15. can anyone recommend a fund or share isa to maybe put £100-200 a month in to? i dont know enough about shares to individually trade so would rather leave it in a proffesionals hands. any advice would be great thanks
  16. for once i am agreeing with an EA. My friend done eaxactly what relaistic EA said. it went right down to the wire, mortgage approved etc and my mate pulled out because he split from the mrs.
  17. a friend of mine just had a ,mortgage approved for a house in portadown but has yet to sign papers for the house. he showed me it on PN and it has already went to sale agreed even though he has yet to sign papers and is having second thoughts about going through with the property Make of this what u will......
  18. i am not saying to rent for 25 years though! im just saying it annoys me when people say rent is dead money as it is similar to paying interest to a bank. Im not going to get into the math too much but did u factor in rates, insurance, maintenance into your costs?? this surely add a couple hundred a month Lets not get of topic too much here, at the end of the day house prices are still way to high and EA's, vendors etc need to realise that. I still think anything above 100k for a semi detached is way too much IMHO
  19. great to hear that sirbinlid and wish i was in this position as 5 years is a long time for me at this stage - i will be 31/32 before i am a FTB!! im sure people were not this age before they became a FTB 20 years ago so why should it be any different now! as i mentioned in a previous discussion (which i got slated for) myself and my fiance are on decent money but we cant see how we are going to save 30k+ (i would still like to have some liquid for a rainy day) to buy our first home! This would mean having no life for the next 5 years which to be honest i dont want to do as we are young professionals and these are the years we should be enjoying our disposable income before little rugrats come along.
  20. Few short simple points 1. Even if FTB's have a 20% deposit they still need money to kit the house out so you are talkign nearly 30k to buy an average house! i am 26 and i have no where near that kind of money saved! 2. How people still consider rent dead money is beyond me - what is interest? renting money of a bank which equals "dead money" 3. im reading that people hope 3 bed semis will hopefully fall to 120k, i still think this is over priced. 3x average salary of 23k (even this is debatable as i think its nearer the 18-20k) = 69k so an average house should be in or around this. if you think it should be 4x average then its 92k so house prices are still inflated! 5x salary and your still not near 120k so why are people thinking that 120k for an average house is a good deal! 4. the only reason why the house market hasnt fallen as quicky as it has risen is due to interest rates. all my friends who bought homes during the boom are all on interest only and their mortgages are down to £300-400. once interest rates rise then we will see house prices plummeting
  21. Im stuggling to understand your point Sogy - Of course you money wont go as far is Sheffield as in Belfast because there is more of an idustry there than in Belfast. your only an hour away from manchester! Rent in Belfast is cheaper than the rest of the UK but still too expensive for a country that relies heavily on public sector jobs and has no industry!
  22. thats assuming the average wage is £25000 which i dont think it is is NI
  23. ReRaise has hit the nail on the head - "We do not think we are owed, I just know that many people my age who earn an above average income look around and wonder why they can't afford a decent house in a nice area and have money left over to do what people a couple of decades our senior seem to be able to do with less income" we earn above average salary yet when we look at what our mortagage costs would be for a really nice house i wonder how i am going to be able to live a life,save and then as you mentioned pay for children!! It baffles me how some people could be looking £250,000 ( quarter of a million) for some of the houses we would like when clearly the majority of the country simply cant afford it.
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