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  1. Just about to start: 500p/m inc rate, fully furnished, new build 2 bed apartment, en-suite, balcony, 812sq/ft Dunmurry
  2. Hi all, Things have really moved on now. We applied for a 2 bed flat, and our references all went through okay. Since that, another flat has come up, same money, fully furnished new build, in a location we prefer over the first flat. We're going to view it tonight, with the hope that we like the decor. If we do, we want to take that. We aren't under any obligation to take the first apartment? We haven't signed anything or recieved a lease to look at yet. We'd like to know where we stand with this. Thanks Colin
  3. Hi all, Thanks for the replies so far. We have been visit several properties over the last few days and we have now picked a place and are just filling out our application forms. The property is a new build, ground floor 2 bed apartment. Really nice, very spacious etc etc. A few things though: Fitted kitchen is missing some appliances - Is this usually the case with new builds? The are two large cracks the length of the wall on two walls - we will be wanting this rectified before moving in? The shower head is fixed on the wall, but is about 4ft 5" from the base of the bath - no way suitable to stand upright underneath it. Could we get this sorted too? I know we will be asking the EA/LL, but i'd like to know if these sorts of things can be sorted. Thanks Colin
  4. Thanks subby. Most terms on the likes of propertynews/propertypal are quoting 6/12 month. In terms of letting fees, what are the average costs? We know to expect a deposit and one months rent in advance. Thanks Colin
  5. Hi all, Well after everything we recently went through, we are now going to be renting. Have picked a few places now, all we need to do is go and view them, and hopefully we'll move in soon to one of them. Still anxious about a 12 month contract. We don't want to be in a place for 12 months then get the boot after that. Especially if we like the place. Maybe someone here can put me at ease.... Cheers Colin
  6. stcolin


    Yes, that house is off Finaghy Road South.
  7. BB, I DID read your post, thanks.
  8. What are you suggesting Well, nobody is CERTAIN that house prices will continue to fall. In order to make renting value, it needs to be equal to or less, than what a property will drop in the next 12 months. So, I either risk renting, or risk a mortgage.
  9. What can I say other than living at home with my parents and speding everything I had rather than saving it. Lesson learnt now I'd say, and I'm ready to commit to a mortgage.
  10. Hi Bergy, We have also gone through all of the living costs, and it pretty much left us with around £250 a month to do as we please. Tight yes, but do-able. We just need to be sure of it all first. Colin
  11. I'll assume you bought it as an investment? I'll also assume it needs a lot of work?
  12. Thanks doccyboy. I'm not hiding the fact that I got into a fair bit of debt, £18k to be precise (a car, a loan, and 1 credit card) whilst living at home with my parents. Debt consolidation is a crude way to get round it I know, but It's what makes things work that counts, right? The loan halfs my monthly outgoing, though I pay if off over a further two years than I was.
  13. How does it limit losses for the bank when they are lending at 95% LTV? Surely that is a higher risk if the borrower defaults?
  14. Hi all, Just thought I'd lay down the figures for you all to spit your tea out over.... Combined income (monthly) : £1850 Consolidated loan : £406 - this leaves us with no other monthly HP agreements or CC's We need £900 free after paying the mortgage (as laid out by Ulsterbank), so, doing the maths means we can afford a mortgage of around £550 a month. By running the true mortgage cost calculator on thisismoney.co.uk we should be able to fund the £120k we would essentially borrow from UB after the developer pays the 5% deposit. Does this not look affordable to you? Yes, we have thoroughly gone through all the monthly expenses, insurances, rates, food, electricity etc etc Colin
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