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  1. Good value, you recon? http://www.homesonview.co.uk/Scripts/FullDetails.aspx?CID=CLEECLYD&AID=CLEECLYD&PID=CLP00657 I fancy it.
  2. Possibly one of the funniest threads I've read round here in a while. You guys are all pretty mental, it must be said.
  3. Young girl loves going out and decides to move closer to the "action" Girl then grows up a bit and realises she doesn't like going out as much as she did, thus negating one of the big benefits of city centre living. Happens to most of us, luv, don't bitch and moan about it.
  4. What about it's gains against the Euro?
  5. Why do I need to move to Sandfields when I live in the house I am describing with cost me £82k almost 4 years ago.
  6. Meh. I live in a mid-terraced 2 up 2 down, about 15 - 20 mins away from Swansea. Cost a fair bit less than 100k 4 years ago. I open my front door and occasionally there is some sheep shit in my front garden, or on the pavement, if the farmer down the road forgot to close his gate again. The car, vandalised... umm, well maybe a few bird droppings on it, but that's about it. The neighbours breaking down the fence, well, no, not quite. Wouldn't mind it too much though, as it would make it easier for them the bring me the lovely cakes they give me, made from the eggs I give them from my chickens.
  7. Indeed. Typical Tories. Freezing pay for public sector workers earning £18k. But cutting Inheritance Tax for those who get given up to £1m. Idiots, the lot of them.
  8. So a nurse to be on 13k a Junior Doctor to be on 16k Registrar on 26k Consultant on 60k Are you on crack?
  9. Uh? Hasn't Sterling been tanking for a good few weeks now, whereas the FTSE has been climbing?
  10. If someone can get any sense out of The Masked Tulip, please let me know.
  11. Ebbw Vale http://www.bairstoweves.co.uk/content/010_...0082-1254187100 £42k
  12. Depends on what you say is next to nothing. First estage agents I looked at in first area I looked in (Merthyr) http://www.propertyfinder.com/cgi-bin/rsea...mp;id=504495707 £50k
  13. The Welsh not being completely screwed over during a recession.... you can tell Labour are in power.
  14. Now I love Italy and would quite happily live there. But the only time I've ever been robbed in my life is in Italy.
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