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  1. brucespanner

    Britain Suspends Turks And Caicos Government

    Can you give us an example?
  2. Its called learning learning from past mistakes. Scholars have studied that event for 70 years. Its fair to say they would know where and why it failed, they took appropriate action this time around.
  3. brucespanner

    Trying To Fend Off Repossession

    So what would you rather - 200,000+ people living on the streets?
  4. Mate, 80k is nothing. That will be inflated away in no time.
  5. Why do you take such joy in this news?
  6. brucespanner

    Offered On A Property - Turned Down

    Sure have, so tell me, hows the "finding money" on the street thing working out for you? I put some money in the stock market (that ou think is a ponzi scheme) and have now paid off my house. You just keep trolling the net for bad news buddy.....
  7. brucespanner

    Offered On A Property - Turned Down

    You said yourself the price was reasonable. Why didnt you just hit the offer?
  8. brucespanner

    11,400 Home Reposessions This Quarter

    Do you really think so? The UKs wealth is part and parcel of the housing market. It will be no different under the tories.
  9. Hahaha! If I had a penny for everytime Id seen that on HPC. NEWSFLASH! The sh=t has hit the fan, action was taken. The recession is over, done, kaput. Its a long road back but the worst is behind us.
  10. brucespanner

    France And Germany Exit Recession

    So you missed all the workers rioting and beating their bosses? They werent playing tiddlewinks -
  11. Get a life mate - and a house, if you can afford one.
  12. Ive been lurking for a while -I just got sick of reading the cr@p getting posted on here and had to get involved.
  13. Whatever - I read your posts on here. You, cashinthematress and interestrateripoff (when rates are at .5% ironic) are the biggest tin foil hatters in here.
  14. In other words its 2.5m. Why didnt you say its 1/4 of the way to 10m. It sounds more dramatic. Unemployment is a lagging indicator. Its always the last step of a recession.

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