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  1. Pay the SNP off with a promise of a Scottish referendum? I think the Ulster Unionist Tory pact could get them 4/5 seats with a further 4/5 seat from DUP. Hermon is she gets back in wont support the Tories.7 Really depends how far from a majority they are I guess
  2. Planning service have a cushy number and are upset because they are likely to be redeployed into frontline benefit delivery and be expected to do some work for once. After all the reports recently regarding the planning service failures they are lucky to be keeping their jobs and not being sacked for incompetency. I was discussing with a friend how there is maybe 14 levels of management in the Civil Service. How is that efficient or value for money? I think the TESCO CEO is proud of the fact that he is only 6 levels away from the check outs. The redeployment option is cheaper as there has been a ban on recruitment so these people will turn up for work one day and be told there is a vacancy in xyz and report there without the need to run a recruitment competition
  3. I've recently finished reading this book and would highly recommend it to anybody disillusioned with the political system in its current state
  4. My sister is training to be an interior designer. If you want PM me and I'll give you the company details
  5. In fairness it isn't all their fault... The firm also confirmed that 65 jobs were at risk in its Northern Ireland contract as a result of the civil service recruitment freeze. The company is contracted to handle the recruitment and human resources elements for the Northern Ireland Civil Service. Just shows how much of an impact the public sector has on the overall economy.
  6. A waste of time and money if you ask me. Do gooder lefties pushing their own agenda to "help" the population and will no doubt make it no better at extreme costs or make it worse. I cant think of any real link to housing other than useless legislation that may be forced upon us or taxes that spring from it. Unlikely to get off the ground anyway as the crew running it are pushing their own internal agendas last I heard. Has support from SDLP and Sinn Fein I think but not from the DUP and UUP.
  7. I think too many people pay heed to the posters on Politics.ie who are on the verge of ectasy over a Stormont collapse which will somehow mean a United Ireland for them. Thats just what the South need, our benefits culture to weigh down their already faltering economy... As said Stormont has done nothing of real benefit for us yet other than demolish some establishments and argue about what is to replace them. Somebody said about a British Government and a slash and burn policy from the British Government. What difference is that to the Assembly being given a budget of 25% less and told to cut? Investment? How much investment did the New York Pension fund invest after all these years and the fanfare which greeted those announcements? - $0 The only investment we are getting are from crappy call centres
  8. Offers around £79,950 http://www.propertynews.com/brochure.php?r=1&c=1&s=83915394&i=0&p=PNC456754&fp=1&sort=h2l RCV £67,500 http://lpsni.gov.uk/vListDCV/propertydetails.asp?di=14&dn=Dungannon+and+South+Tyrone+Borough+Council&wi=0000000069&wn=Ballysaggart&si=0000008818&sn=Fairfield+Estate&display=334350&rn=41 Last I spoke to the EA they were thinking £65,000 would shift it. The owner has died so its a deceased estate. No bids on it though.
  9. Offers around £79,950 http://www.propertynews.com/brochure.php?r=1&c=1&s=83915177&i=0&p=1210HF854332420&fp=1&sort=h2l RCV £90,000 http://lpsni.gov.uk/vListDCV/propertydetails.asp?di=14&dn=Dungannon+and+South+Tyrone+Borough+Council&wi=0000000069&wn=Ballysaggart&si=0000008818&sn=Fairfield+Estate&display=334350&rn=41 Sale agreed £71,000
  10. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/northern_ireland/8469483.stm We have a lot of defenders of the NHS here so have they any comment on this story? NI NHS provides least value for money for the taxpayer. They also employ 57 PR people too...
  11. I started looking in Belfast and the agents I had (can't really remember which agents now) were generally unhelpful. Halifax were good though. UPS turned up late and the house was a real mess. Changed to looking in Dungannon and found there was one agent who was really good at what they were doing. Houses decently priced and they the agents were advising both seller and buyer what a more reasonable price may be. Eg Property listed at 80k and I was being told an offer of 65k would probably shift it. However others round Dungannon more or less just opened the door and let me work away and were really disinterested. Eventually bought from Halifax but more on the strength of the property rather than the agent who again remained in the dining room for the duration of the viewing.
  12. Good luck with the search There is a bank out there offering 90% Mortgages. Not sure if I can name the bank or not but Im sure a mod can take if off if Im not - Ulsterbank
  13. When the energy shtf not if... Im just hoping its further and further away some of the major peak oil doomers are saying within 5 years we will reach the shtf. Im hoping more like 15-20 I'd say we are better placed to feed ourselves than the likes of the mainland are, obviously not anywhere near the levels we are used to now. Alas the Assembly lack the motivation, imagination or determination to do anything worthwhile.
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