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  1. If it was meant as helpful advise this would be ok. But I suspect it was meant more nastily probably arising from bad experiences in the market.
  2. Don't take too much notice of this as I am sure next month you will all be crying in your milk again. This time last year was very strong which makes this years look weak. In my area houses are still selling fast. This maybe against the national trend. But surprisingly they are.
  3. I am afraid it looks like the bears have called the 'whole housing affair' wrong and they must now be very worried for their futures. What will you all do now? I suppose the answer I will get back will be wait another year? Whilst missing the main market increases due to a str. I decided I was wrong and jumped back in buying a house for £329,000 early this year. I have just finished converting the garage into an office, doing most of the work myself. It is a leafy affluent area. Next doors house has sold within 2 months for £370,000. I have no intentions of selling however I just wanted to
  4. OR Those that have STR will need their larger deposits just to get them back on the ladder as lenders UP the deposit levels needed to buy a house. I was a STR but I now believe that prices WONT decrease to any significant level. People will remortgage less. The market will slow. Those ftb and STR will need more capital to put into deposit and will pay a higher APR than those already with mortgages. The econony is still very strong, unemployment is falling, there is not enough housing stock, imigration is rampant. I dont see any way the STR will win UNLESS they have CASH to buy outright. Th
  5. Yes but you put in that they earn £260,000. You would expect someone earning that much to borrow £500,000
  6. Absolutely. The dreamers are dreaming whilst HPI continues upwards.
  7. You were bound to be right eventually. Even the bull would admit that. The reality of the situation is you called it WAY too early. You are congratulating yourselves now even though the falls have not happened yet. In actual fact house prices may not fall at all even though there is credit tightening. If you take a step back to 2000 and decide which shoes you would rather be in - bull or bear. I would still rather choose bull. Even though I was bearish then. I STR in 2003 and bought again this year. That move may mean I called it wrong twice but I have a feeling I called it wrong once. T
  8. If they are right. It means this site and its disciples were wrong. As such they have condemned themselves and their families into the new social housing scene. Possibly their families family too. Who would of thought that a site who ridiculed millions inadvertantly started the UK's new council house crowd. Maybe they should rename the site councilhousecrew.com
  9. But it is not all good news for you lot. I just don't think it really is going the bears way. Forward figures are beginning to look like bears are lifes losers.
  10. Or it could be that everybody except losers have a house and a far better prize would be a holiday home.
  11. Why sell. You need somewhere to live. Rent would be dearer and flats aren't selling at the moment. Seems daft.
  12. But thats fine. You obviously are not in the market for a home. I'm talking about the 1,000's of people on this site who are letting their children live in cramped conditions in damp rotting rented accomodation. Who have misseed the biggest cash giveaway in history, praying for a market correction that is not going to come so they can save a few bob. Ive been there. Telling the school three times over the last three years we have moved because the landlord wants to sell the house and you won't buy because so called cleverer people than you on this site have been proclaiming a house price cras
  13. Don't dare say 'It's diffent this time' even though it so blindingly obviously is. You will have a surge of 'missed the boat' bears along to knock you down.
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