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  1. The Surrey Hills. Do you think i could make a private offer of 3mil on Munstead Oaks?
  2. You can take advantages of the millions priced houses and offer 200k less because the market is unstable there.
  3. Mildura, how do you know all these contacts. P.S , Saw munstead oaks on my drive to hascombe today. Still can't get out of my mind that I want to buy. P.S Mildura. Any Extra Info>?
  4. There is a new home for sale on primelocation. Any details? http://primelocation.com/uk-property-for-s.../SPGU_GFD090089 P.S, I'm still into Munstead , lol
  5. My estimate is that it went for 300k.
  6. I don't think so. The average 4 bed on hamptons is around 800,000.
  7. Yes, Cheers Dragon. I saw it the other day while I was driving past Winkworth Arboretum. I wonder what led to a 200k loss though. Surely the owners would sell for a 200k profit in 1/2 years. I don't know. It's quite lovely though, i would be interested at any figure under £3000000, I really wish I got that house Thanks.
  8. Hi Dragon. Munstead Oaks Has now been sold for 2.495,000, Maybe under, ask mildura, It seemed a lovely house though... Do you think you know when it should come back on the market? I was quite interested in making an offer, but then it got sold..
  9. You mean it's been sold again?
  10. Completed? ++ I was driving past winkworth arboretum the other day, Munstead Oaks is right next to it. I saw an old couple working at the gate, so i think they are going to keep it for long to come. Or maybe have it as a family household.
  11. Thanks for that ,i never knew that the houses were selling for 10% below asking price. I thought they were 10% above asking price , but the average 4 bed on Hamptons is around 700,000 though.
  12. Yes. That sold for 2,650,000 in 2004.. A offer was made on Munstead Oaks in June 2009, it was on the market for 2 months, i think they went 165,000 under asking price but it was sold for 2,495,000 i think. I don't know anymore information but it is a lovely house and i wonder if anyone could give me any more selling details?
  13. Houses for sale in and around godalming... Price is rising up though.
  14. Can anyone give me information in the following house: I was hoping of buying it but it got sold.... Another thing is it has been sold so can anyone give me details and an approximation of what the price really should be. Zoopla says 2.9 Million. I think around 2 Million but i don't know :: http://www.hamptons.co.uk/PropertyDetails....tyRef=GUC070156 P>S Can anyone tell me when they think it will be on the market again :| ?
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